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About Our Service

The Motion and Performance Centre (MPC)†is the research and†consultancy†arm of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science, which†is also closely linked to the Institute of Health and Society.†

MPC is based†at the University's St Johns†campus and aims to provide a high quality and comprehensive service to the regionís sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities, as well as the general public.† The Centre is accessible to all and offers a full range of services to support anybody with a desire to enhance their sport or exercise performance or to generally keep fit and healthy.† It is a valuable resource for those wishing to increase their understanding of sport and exercise science and currently offers educational workshops and work placements to various interested parties.†

Resources include psychology, physiology and biomechanics laboratories, field-testing equipment, extensive training facilities, seminar and lecture rooms and British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) accredited staff.† The Centre benefits from expertise in a wide range of areas, ranging from Physical Activity, Exercise and Health to Biomechanics and Sport and Exercise Physiology.