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Mihaela Getzova - Travelport

Travelport is a Travel Commerce Platform, focused on distribution, technology, payments and other solutions for the travel and tourism industry. It is headquartered in Langley, Berkshire where I undertook my placement.

An explanation of Travelport's Travel Commerce Platform

The platform which Travelport operates is a complex business- to - business model which effectively acts as a connecting link between travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies) and travel distributors (travel agents). This is the core business of Travelport. The elements which then convert this into a platform are the different business solutions which the company owns and which enhance the proposition given to both suppliers and distributors. Such are eNett (online payments), MTT (mobile applications), Locomote (corporate travel), etc. These elements together with the core business form the Travelport Group- “a platform that is redefying travel commerce”. 

I am Mihaela Getzova, a BA (Hons) Accounting student in the University of Worcester and for the past year I was a Global Planning Intern for Travelport. I chose to take a placement year as I believed that in a field as wide as finance it will give me a good insight to my future career path. I also wanted to spend a year working in finance to ensure that after I graduate I have experience in the field, which will enhance my CV, skills and employability options in the future. 

During my placement I was given responsibilities and a role focused on supporting the Global Planning Team of Travelport. The start of my placement coincided with the Budgeting process for 2016 in which I was heavily involved. I was responsible for ensuring all Budget Book Templates for the various business functions and regions were operating according to the needs of the business and supported the process of completing these. Afterwards I ran a daily process which tracked any changes to the Budget and reported these to the Team. I compiled several documents which showed the Budget data for the Group and for the individual business units and compared these to previous performance. I was involved in the creation of monthly and quarterly reports to the Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Directors. In addition I provided support in the creation of the final Group Budget Report which was presented to the Board of Directors. After the end of the Budgeting process I took ownership of the detailed forecasting process which runs throughout the year. This included the creation of new documents which to be in accordance with the current business structure and afterwards consolidating these into a Group Report. In my final months with Travelport I took over the creation of the monthly report for the Commercial Leadership Team. My final substantial project was to create the Budget Books for all regions and Business Functions which will be used in the Budgeting Process for 2017 and to introduce the new interns to the role and ensure they have substantial handover in order to be able to take over the responsibilities.  

In addition to these projects my role had many ad- hoc responsibilities and I was able to extend my support beyond the immediate Planning Team and assisted other functions throughout my placement. On several occasions I have produced work for members of the Finance Leadership Team. 

I and all the Travelport Interns were involved in a Charity Fundraising project which we led ourselves. We organised many office based events and participated in events of the Thames Hospice which we saw as a local charity which the people of Travelport could feel close to. In addition to this we volunteered for the Hospice in our spare time. Along with two other interns I presented to all Finance and Technology employees on one of the quarterly gatherings in the office.  

I believe that one of the skills I have been able to develop most is my attention to detail. The work I produced was viewed on a very high level through the company and I needed to ensure it was accurate and in addition to this that it was formatted in the correct way. 

The placement has brought immense development to my business acumen and my understanding of finance in practise. It has given me insights into an industry which was completely new for me. When I started the placement my Excel skills were intermediate and I now perceive them as advanced. I have gained experience in working with data warehouses and the ways in which these are used to support the planning and reporting of companies. 

During my placement I was introduced to various departments in the business which gave me further insights not only into the business, but also the variations of finance based roles. I was able to “shadow” specialists in Tax, Investor Relations, Internal Audit, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc. In addition to this I was able to attend workshops organised internally which were led by people working in other departments and functions of the business. 

In the length of my placement I have become accustomed to working in an office environment which I believe is an achievement that will be beneficial for my future career. I have learned to work with different people who have different approaches to work and the relations at the workplace. I have developed my communication skills which, being an international student, I view as essential for my future. I have achieved an understanding of the business and of the planning processes that a multinational company undergoes. I am proud to have become very well accustomed to the business software used so that I was able to complete ad- hoc tasks which I had not performed before with minimal guidance. I now have experience of running and taking responsibility of processes with little or no supervision and delivering results when they are needed. I believe Travelport has given a great start to my career and I am proud to have been a member of the Global Planning Team.