MBA Takes Business Leader on a Big Adventure

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The founder of a successful social enterprise has said studying for an MBA has transformed his business.

Stephan Natynczuk set up My Big Adventure in the early 1990s providing education and support to vulnerable young people missing out on education.

“I thought about doing an MBA some 20 years ago but never got around to it,” he said. “Now I want to learn more about how businesses are run and structured. For too long I have just got by, making my business work, but I knew I needed to have a better plan for the future. I wanted to get a better appreciation of how I should be doing things.”

Stephan is half way through completing the MBA at the University of Worcester’s Business School.

“When I started the course I had no real idea just how useful it would be to me and to improving my business, “he added. “It has given me a renewed focus and enthusiasm to review and improve the way I had been working all these years.”

Stephan, a former science teacher and trained counsellor, combined his passion for teaching and helping young people, with his love of the outdoors, to create My Big Adventure, which is a not-for-profit organisation based in Pinvin, near Pershore. My Big Adventure has worked with more than 300 young people, from as young as seven years old, to help transform their lives.

Last year, the organisation won the ‘No Barriers’ - Mike Oborski Award 2014 from Wyre Forest District Council, for providing a significant service to young people within the district.

“When I started the MBA I had just the social enterprise,” Stephan said. “Since then I have set up a spin-off charity, with the help of the Mary Jane Fund, and now also offer coaching for adults. I have been able to really expand and develop my business model and now feel I have something which I can replicate.”

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