Managers at Global Firm Complete Leadership Programme with University of Worcester

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A team of managers at Malvern Instruments has completed a leadership and management programme with the University of Worcester’s Business School.

The first delegates from the global firm to successfully complete the programme gathered at the University’s City Campus to receive their awards from Paul Walker, Managing Director of Malvern Instruments, and Mark Richardson, Head of Worcester Business School.

In welcoming delegates and colleagues, Mark Richardson congratulated them on their success and overcoming the issues of balancing work pressure with time to study.

Paul Walker congratulated the staff of Worcester Business School and colleagues at Malvern Instruments in achieving an “almost impossible task” – designing and delivering a high quality programme to a diverse audience, one which had been very well received by delegates and where the impact was also being seen in company performance.

Eventually more than 80 delegates will complete the programme with some elements delivered to Malvern Instruments managers in the USA.

Tim Maxfield, Director of Business Development in the Business School, said: “We are delighted to have worked with Malvern Instruments. This type of programme emphasises the role the Business School can play in the development of the local and regional economy.

“Up-skilling in the area of leadership and management is a high priority in the West Midlands and this programme presents a model of partnership that does a great deal to address this need.”

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