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Lubica Kuboveova at the NHS

After graduating from a degree in Business, Accountancy and Human Resource Management, Lubica is now working at KPMG in her native Slovakia.

"For me the University of Worcester was a perfect place to study due to the friendly and supportive atmosphere," said Lubica. "I found support at every step. During my first year, the international office was a big help to me in integrating socially at a foreign university. This experience inspired me to go abroad in my second year which turned out to be a very worthwhile experience.

"During the exchange I was in contact with the placement coordinator and other advisory staff as I was searching for a year-long finance placement. Thanks to the support of my academic tutor and other staff I was successful at the interview and I secured Finance a placement with the NHS Worcestershire soon after I returned from Germany. I enjoyed my placement throughout and I felt I was better prepared for my final year at the university.

"My final year was tremendous, I realised I was learning much more thanks to the working experience. I also based my independence study at the NHS Worcestershire and my placement mentor became my supervisor which resulted into a very productive relationship.

"The first class degree, which I gained at the University of Worcester, and the graduate job I secured at the KPMG are only reflecting the quality of my experience and the extend to which University of Worcester prepared me for the journey of becoming a professional."