London 2012: A Lifetime Experience for Five Worcester Journalism Students

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Five Journalism students from the University of Worcester spent the summer reporting on the London 2012 Olympics for a host of American and British publications.

The students got the chance to get inside the Olympic Village and meet Olympians first hand to gather a range of stories from the worldwide event.

It was part of a joint project between the University of Worcester, the American Ball State University and the Chicago Tribune.

Forty-five students from both Worcester and Ball State universities used Worcester as a base and rotated between the City and a London base to provide material for the Olympics.  

The Worcester Journalism students helped with gathering information for the Tribune, the Daily Star Press in Muncie, Indiana and Indiana Public Radio (IPR). They also delivered material for regional press in the West Midlands.

“It wasn’t until towards the end of the closing ceremony when the British flag entered the stadium that it began to hit me what I had accomplished,” says Aaron Wise, one of the Worcester Journalism students. “God Save The Queen bellowed out around the Olympic Park and the realisation I was a part of what the world was seeing was incredible.” 

Covering the Olympics proved to be a unique lifetime and work experience for the Worcester students as some of it included speaking live on radio to over a million Americans, participating in a feature film aired on ESPN and a documentary film, interviewing fans, security, GB athletes and volunteers around the park and visiting the GB House.

The future journalists had the chance to meet and speak personally to Jason Whitlock, leading sport journalist for FOX Sports.

“I could go as far as saying this experience could be the game changer in my career,” adds Aaron. “I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt from this experience is although you have the down days where nothing goes your way and the good days where you do something amazing, it’s all part of the day job as a journalist.”

Social media played a key role in covering the Olympics as the students’ Facebook and Twitter pages were updated constantly. The Journalism students will continue to provide coverage for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.  

The students Olympics Twitter account is @bsuatthegames and their Facebook page is active at!/bsuatthegames

Their main sports website is at  and the student newspaper at

Aaron Wise’s blog is available at