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PhD Student Lois Donnelly

PhD Student - Full-Time

Institute of Health & Society

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tel: +44 (0)1905 54 2328


BSc (Hons) Psychology, 2015, University of Kent
MSc Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 2016, University of Kent

Lois is a full-time PhD student in the Institute of Health and Society at the University of Worcester.

Lois’ main research interest is around gender issues, in particular violence against women. Her PhD research concerns domestic violence within the family court context.

Her supervisors are Professor Erica Bowen and Dr Holly Taylor-Dunn.

Lois is a member of the 2018 Postgraduate Conference Committee and a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (

Prior to commencing her PhD, Lois worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Surrey on two projects: public opinion on people with intersex characteristics and personal accounts of the Psychology of Women Section BPS. She is also working on a project concerning asymmetric comparisons about Welsh and English people.


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Capdevila, R., Hubbard, K., & Donnelly, L.C. (2017, July). Standing still whilst ‘looking back and moving forwards’: the personal account of POWS members in the here and now. Paper presented at the Psychology of Women Section Conference, Windsor, 12-14 July.

Donnelly, L.C., & Calogero, R.M. (2016, July). Action Women: Increasing collective action by harnessing system justification motive and body functionality focus. Poster presented at International Society for Justice Research 2016, Canterbury, 20-23 July.

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