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Professor Liz Gilchrist

Academic Head of Psychology, Criminology and the NCSPVA

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 542369

M.A. (Hons.) Psychology University of Edinburgh
M.Phil. Criminology “Police Response to Domestic Abuse” University of Cambridge
PhD Criminology “A comparison of Prosecutorial Decision Making in Scotland and England and Wales” (with special reference to gendered crimes) University of Cambridge



Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Professor Elizabeth Gilchrist is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Worcester (having moved from a post as Professor of Forensic Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University in early 2016) and ex-Chair and ongoing member of the Division of Forensic Psychology-Scotland committee. A leader in the forensic psychology and criminology field, Professor Gilchrist served 8 years on the Parole Board for England and Wales and 6 years on the Parole Board for Scotland, works as a consultant forensic psychologist in a low secure forensic facility in Scotland and has published extensively on the assessment, planning and evaluation of rehabilitative interventions. An expert on risk assessment tools for domestic abuse, sexual offending and violent offending, she was a member of the Research Advisory Group for the Risk Management Authority and has worked internationally as an advisor on implementation and review of offending behaviour programmes and interventions for the Council of Europe in Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria and Armenia, with IVAT in San Diego USA and for the Department of Corrections in New Zealand. Prof Gilchrist was given a government appointment to the Scottish Advisory Panel for Offender Rehabilitation in 2012 and she is current Chair.



Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Member of the Scottish Advisory Panel on Offender Rehabilitation 2012 – current

Short Term Expert Advisor, Council of Europe, Suicide and Self Harm Corrections Service, Georgia, current

Short Term Expert Advisor, Council of Europe, Risk Assessment, Corrections Service, Armenia, current.

Expert Advisor Council of Europe, Turkey 2012

General Member Parole Board for Scotland 2008 – current

Psychology Member of the Parole Board for England and Wales 2004 - 2011

Part time Programme Facilitator West Midlands Probation Service 1999 – 2003





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External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Current member & (ex-Chair 2009 – 2013) of Division of Forensic Psychology- Scotland

Current Member & (ex-Chair, 2006 – 2009) of Division of Forensic Psychology Training Committee

Accreditation Panel Member Division of Forensic Psychology (previously DCLP) – ongoing

RMA Research Advisory Board and approved Training Provider, ongoing

Member of Scottish Prison Service Steering Group on Domestic Abuse, 2012 – ongoing

Ex-member of the Professional Practice Board, British Psychological Society

Ex Assistant Editor –‘the Psychologist’, for the British Psychology Society


Supervisory Experience/External Examining

Currently supervising 4 PhD students: obsessional relational intrusion, sexual violence within IPV and Suggestibility, Parenting interventions for Women Offenders

Previous supervised 3 PhD students: Interventions for IPV, Grooming in Sexual Offences and Police Responses to Male Victims of IPV

PhD examiner for Universities of Birmingham, Liverpool, Kent & GCU, and D. Forensic Psych examiner for University of Birmingham

Previously external examiner for Liverpool John Moores, B.Sc Psychology; Middlesex University, M.Sc Forensic Psychology, St. George’s University of London, M.Sc Forensic Mental Health,

Current external examiner for Portsmouth University , M.Sc Forensic Psychology