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Life as a teacher

Life as a teacher

Every day you’ll get the chance to inspire young people and use your skills to give something back.

As a teacher you'll be ensuring every pupil gets the same access to a quality education and the opportunity to succeed. Explore this section to find out what a career in teaching could offer you.

Samantha Jones PITE graduate

Samantha Jones

Although it has its challenges, Samantha Jones says getting into teaching was the best decision she ever made and that it has been “life-changing”.

The 27-year-old, who studied for a Primary Initial Teacher Education degree at the University of Worcester, says she is now doing the career she had always dreamed of since she was young.

She speaks about how the University helped her prepare to face the challenges ahead in her career.

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Alex Holloway teaching graduate in his classroom

Alex Holloway

Alex Holloway believes his time studying at the University of Worcester has set him up for life as a teacher.

“The teaching profession is filled with amazing people,” said Alex.

“It is a difficult job and a tiring job, but the feeling you get from doing it makes it all worth it...  there's not a job I can think of that could give you more satisfaction”

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Amy Vilcans teaching graduate in her classroom

Amy Vilcans

With a love of Mathematics since her childhood, Amy Vilcans now imparts that passion for the subject onto her pupils.

Since graduating two years ago Amy’s career has flourished and she is now second in the Mathematics department and has been given responsibility for ensuring good numeracy across her school.

“With each working day I get to work with so many different young people and help them to achieve their potential in Mathematics,” she said.

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Jamie Trumper PITE graduate

Jamie Trumper

“As teachers we are privileged to be a part of a child’s life.”

That's the view of Jamie Trumper, who, 15 years on from a degree at the University of Worcester, is continuing to shape the lives of the next generation.

The 39-year-old says he had always wanted to teach because he wanted to enable children to be the best they could be and to support and guide them to realise their potential.

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Taylor Cornes

Life as a trainee teacher

Taylor trained to teach at Worcester and successfully found a job straight after graduating. She is now loving working as a teacher. During her time with us Taylor wrote regular blog posts on a huge range of subjects - you can read these for an insight into student life at Worcester.

Also on our blog, you can read posts by our current students as they share their experiences of life as a trainee teacher.

Rewards of teaching

Hear from people who chose to train as a teacher and have never looked back.


There aren’t many careers where you can combine playing an important role in children’s lives with benefits such as a competitive salary, generous pension, and financial support while training.

Career progression

The opportunities for career progression as a teacher are plentiful. This includes the possibility of rapid progression into a leadership role - and as your career progresses, so will your salary.

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