Lecturers Produce New Text to Aid Primary Science Teachers

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Practical Ideas for Teaching Primary Science, by Dr Colin Howard and Vivian Cooke – both Senior Lecturers in Primary Education: Science – is aimed at teachers and trainees, and looks to address changes in the way science will be delivered in primary schools.

Each chapter of the book is aligned to an area of the new National Curriculum and provides key vocabulary, details of common misconceptions and how to address them, teaching strategies and activities, cross-curricular links and health and safety points.

Mrs Cooke says: “The idea for writing the book came in response to the introduction of the new National Curriculum, and our aim is to help teachers deliver the science content by using practical activities which link that content with scientific skills.”

Dr Howard adds: “Both Viv and I realized that, with the introduction of the new curriculum, trainees and teachers needed an up to date text to help them address the teaching of science within schools.

“The book took us about nine months to compile, and it is an easy, accessible text which provides practical ideas for trainees and teachers of how to successfully teach aspects of science within the classroom.”

Both writers have extensive teaching experience, and have drawn upon their own knowledge and that of their peers to create a text which challenges teachers and trainees to critically evaluate their teaching in order to become more effective.

Mrs Cooke continues: “Much of the content of the book is written from personal experiences and based on activities that we have used with students to help them in their teaching of science and with children to help them understand particular science concepts. 

 “The book has been informed by the opinions of teachers, students and colleagues that we have worked with over the past twenty years in schools and other higher education institutions.”

Practical Ideas for Teaching Primary Science, published by Critical Publishing, is available now, and can be purchased at or