Lecture Will Explore the Need for Religious Education in Schools

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The teaching of Religious Education in schools has been a hotly debated topic of late, and a University of Worcester Professor will be offering some insight at a special lecture next week.

Professor Stephen Parker will address the questions what is Religious Education and why should it be taught in schools?

Religious Education (RE) has been a compulsory subject in maintained schools since the 1944 Education Act. This lecture will trace the subject’s development since then, particularly focusing on changes to its content, nature and purpose from the 1960s in response to a range of factors. The lecture will conclude by examining recent critiques of RE, examining various justifications for its continuing place in the education of young people.

The lecture will take place at The Hive library in Worcester on Wednesday, October 1 at 5.30pm and is the first of the resumed Professorial Lecture Series at the venue.

The monthly lectures have been running at The Hive since February, with a break for the summer, and have so far covered topics as varied as the history of local theatre, the ongoing story of DNA and whether or not it is possible to live well with dementia.

Following Professor Parker’s lecture, the series will continue with Professor Howard Cox on ‘why austerity Britain gorged on magazines: the making of a monopoly in the UK magazine industry’ on November 5; and Professor Jean Webb on ‘devouring books: food and fiction for children and schools’ on December 3.