Leading Expert in Allergies to Deliver Inaugural Professorial Lecture at the University of Worcester

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A leading expert in allergies will explore the impact of an “allergy epidemic” at the University of Worcester next week.

Professor Stephen O’Hickey currently leads the allergy service at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and is a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and General Medicine. He was recently appointed a Professor at the University of Worcester, where scientists are carrying out leading research on a number of allergies.

The University is the home of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, which works closely with consultants and clinicians in health, carrying out research and product testing in areas such as hayfever and dust mite allergies.

In his lecture, Professor O’Hickey will discuss what is recognised as an “allergy epidemic”. The impact of this epidemic is visible to all, but the cause is uncertain. His lecture will trace our early understanding of the causes of Allergic Rhinitis, the searches for a cure and how initial optimism was curtailed by a national embargo on allergy therapy. Professor O’Hickey will review the progress of our understanding of this significant challenge and what the future holds.

Using his rich experience of clinical allergy, Professor O’Hickey, will highlight future therapeutic opportunities and the potential for fruitful collaborative work.

Professor O’Hickey will deliver his lecture, entitled From Anaphylaxis to Immunotherapy: A History of Allergy, at 5.30pm on Wednesday, May 1st at the University of Worcester’s St John’s campus.

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