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Lauren Whiles at C2B2

Twenty-two year-old Lauren Whiles, who is in the final year of her Advertising, Marketing and PR course, has been appointed Marketing Assistant; a position which she will combine with her studies until her course ends in June, at which point she will take up the role full-time.

Lauren, who is originally from Dudley, undertook an industrial placement with the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce in 2013, and began researching full-time roles late last year.

She explains: “After applying to a few large, well-known companies, I noticed on the Worcester Business School Facebook page that a smaller company – C2B2 – were looking to recruit a Marketing Assistant, and I decided to apply.

“I was informed that I had been shortlisted for the second stage of the application process, which was split into two tasks. For the first of those, I was required to write a basic social media campaign to promote the support services that the company offer, and for the second, I was asked to use my own market research skills to recommend a company that C2B2 could consider targeting for their consultancy services.

“By this time, I had done extensive research into the company and the industry, and I was very keen to undertake the role.”

Lauren was then called back for the final stage of the application process, a face-to-face interview with C2B2’s Marketing Manager and HR Manager.

She continues: “Although I was nervous going into the interview, I felt very well-prepared, and I found that I could answer a lot of the questions asked with scenarios that I had faced whilst on my placement, which was really beneficial.”

After being offered the job, Lauren began working two days a week with the firm, to ensure she was able to commit herself to her studies and further training in the final months of her degree. She will begin full-time work with the company in June, and says she is delighted to have earned the opportunity.

“When my training is complete and I go into the role full time, I will have various responsibilities such as project, event and social media management,” she explains.

“I feel that working for a smaller company will allow me to have more responsibility in my role will give me the chance to develop and put forward my own ideas.  I’m very excited to kick start my career with C2B2.”