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Kath Morgan

Senior Lecturer in Primary Education - Mathematics

Institute of Education

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tel: 01905 542084

Kath Morgan’s key area of interest and expertise is in teaching and learning primary mathematics. She taught in a range of schools before joining a local authority advisory team for mathematics in 1985. She later worked in initial teacher training, leading mathematics, for a number of years before being appointed as Regional Director for Mathematics with the National Numeracy Strategy. In her time with the Strategy she worked with providers of ITT and local authorities, supporting the development of high quality teaching and learning in mathematics and broadened her area of support to include whole school improvement, working alongside NCSL in the Primary Leadership Programme. Whilst working with Strategy Kath produced national materials, including a wide range of CPD materials for local authorities and schools. In addition to her work with the Strategies Kath has worked on other national programmes for mathematics including Mathematics Enhancement Programme, Nuffield Foundation, IMPACT (maths for parents, children and teachers) and served on the editorial board of Maths Round the Country (Mathematical Association). Kath has produced a wide variety of curriculum materials for primary mathematics including videos and television programmes, and has provided training across the country for LA officers and consultants, head teachers and class teachers.

She is currently a member of the primary mathematics team at University of Worcester where she teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate routes and is module leader for Year 2 and for Maths Specialists postgraduates.

Currently completing MA Education – University of Worcester
PGCert Learning and Teaching in HE – University of Worcester
Research Methods in Education (masters module) – University of Warwick
Special Needs in Education (masters module) – Open University
PGCE – University of Leeds
B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics – University of Leeds

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

This year, Kath’s main teaching commitments are mathematics modules on both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

She is also working with the Shropshire and South Herefordshire Maths Hub associated with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

Research interests

As part of her MA, Kath is looking at different approaches to the ways in which fractions might be taught within the primary curriculum.

Children’s understanding of division

How schools will adapt to the new curriculum for mathematics

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Member of National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics



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TV Programmes
Central Television Mathsbook – probability (main author)
Central Television Mathsbook series (joint author)

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PNS (2004) Supporting the development of trainees’ mathematical knowledge DFES
(main author)

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Review Panel for Standards and Testing Agency