Jenny keen to go 'Out of Her Comfort Zone' Ahead of Volunteer Trip

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A student from Peterborough says she is looking forward to going outside her comfort zone, after she was awarded a university scholarship to undertake a volunteering trip to Madagascar.

Jenny Weldon is in the second year of her Primary Initial Teacher Education degree at the University of Worcester. In August, she will travel to the African island, where she will teach English to children and young adults.

She has been awarded financial assistance by the University’s Scholarship Panel, which benefits students who undertake extra-curricular activities in areas such as sport, music and the arts, as well as volunteering projects.

Jenny, who is from Yaxley, explains: “Volunteering abroad is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. When I came to the Open Day at Worcester, I heard about previous trainees' experiences with this programme; I admired them for doing it and knew I wanted to experience something similar.

“We hear about people in other countries not having access to education but to actually know I will be going out there to help change this is a great feeling.

“I'm very excited for this trip but also very nervous; I think it’s all about putting myself out of my comfort zone to try and push myself as well as helping others.”

Jenny says that her time in Madagascar will allow her to put her teaching skills into practice, as well as allowing her to gain invaluable experience which she can build on as both a student and a teaching professional.

 “I am very pleased and grateful the University have been able to offer me a scholarship,” she continues. “Without this funding it would have been very expensive and difficult for me to manage the volunteering, flights and equipment costs.”