Jed Given Scholarship to Support Work with Local Charity

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A student from Leominster has been awarded a university scholarship to help him continue his voluntary work for local charity organisation, Bridge Street Buddies.

Jed Barnett, a University of Worcester Psychology student, has volunteered for the organisation for almost four years, and now sits on the committee, helping to organise events and raise funds.

He has been awarded financial assistance by the University’s Scholarship Panel, which encourages students to apply for grants of up to £1,000 towards voluntary work or activities, to pursue a particular interest, for example music, sports or the arts; or towards course-related activities.

Jed explains: “Bridge Street Buddies was first put together by a group of parents with the aim of putting on activities and events that were affordable, and which made it possible for local families to engage as a family unit.

“What started with table top events has progressed from strength to strength; we started our own social enterprise which will see four young people supported through college, we have worked to transform our local area and secured funding for £15,000 worth of play equipment, and our events are now regularly attended by several hundred people.”

The University Scholarship will allow Jed to devote more time to the organisation, and to meet certain costs, such as hiring meeting rooms. He says that the charity acted as a ‘catalyst’ for his interest in Psychology, and is delighted that the University has been able to support his extra-curricular interests.

“I think that the University of Worcester not only gives financial support when awarding these scholarships, but also moral support and encouragement indirectly, just through recognising the efforts made by students.

“This sort of gesture makes it possible for students to try to pass that support and encouragement into the parts of the community that need it most.”

To find out more about Bridge Street Buddies, visit