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Dr Janice Clarke

Senior Lecturer, Allied Health Sciences

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 85 5367

PhD Nursing and Spirituality

Bsc (Hons) Advanced Professional Studies (First Class)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education


ENB 100 ‘General Intensive Care Nursing’

ENB 978 ‘Promotion of Continence and the Management of Incontinence’

ENB 941 ‘Nursing Elderly People’

ENB 998 ‘Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice’

Training and Development Lead Body (TDLB), D32, D33, D34

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research


Leader of MSc Dissertation module MSAP4005/6

Teaching interests

Aspects of spirituality, cultural, religious and ethnic issues in a variety contexts and specialities; professional issues, holistic assessment, mentorship, teaching, research, qualitative research methods, research philosophy, reflective practice, evidence based practice, academic skills at masters level.

Professional interests

Research Methods (Especially Qualitative)

Philosophies and models of care

Research Methodology and Implementation

Evidence Based Practice

Professional issues in nursing

Spirituality, religion and ethnicity in relation to Nursing

Sociology and philosophy of nursing

Roles and professional issues in nursing

Academic Writing Skills

Postgraduate Supervision


Masters course leadership. Mentorship, Overseas nurses, Return to Practice.

Masters modules on Challenging and Enhancing Service Delivery

Research Studies

Currently participating in the EPICC project. An Erasmus funded cross European project to research the way spiritual care is taught to student nurses across the continent.

Qualitative study of care assistant’s perception of their role (1997)

Nursing and Spirituality: a theological approach (2005)

An Evaluation of the Community Matron role in a small rural town (2006)

Currently supervising the following doctorates

A longitudinal study to explore how student nurses develop a professional identity

The creation of restorative holding spaces in professional practice engagement with people in transition.

An inductive analysis of clinician and patient experiences of shared decision making from initial diagnosis to end of first treatment year.

Doctorates examined

Reflective Waypoints and Relational Bridging: A phenomenological exploration of spiritualities in therapeutic relationships between women living with Borderline Personality Disorder and mental health nurses.

Workplace Spirituality And Its Effects On Organizational Effectiveness - A Study Of Healthcare Sales Professionals In Malaysia.

A phenomenological Investigation of Parents Food Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices in Rural Nigeria: Implication for Under-five Nutritional Status.

Spiritual Dimensions of Advanced Nurse Practitioner Consultations in Primary Care through the Lens of Availability and Vulnerability. A Hermeneutic Enquiry.

Searching for the hidden: A phenomenological study exploring the spiritual aspects of impending day case surgery from patient and staff perspectives.  

Conference presentations:

October 6th 2016 Trinity College Dublin Spirituality Interest Group Keynote: Making Care Spiritual Led workshop: What do chaplains do?

Nov 4th 2014 Penny Brohn Centre Bristol:  Living Well With and Beyond Cancer Conference Keynote: Delivering compassionate care and promoting resilience for people recovering from cancer

Nov 2014 FINE: Federation of European Nurse Educators Parallel session: Using poetry to teach spiritual care

August 2014 Janki Foundation for Global Healthcare. London Keynote Annual Lecture: Spiritual Care in Every Encounter

May 2014 British Association for the Study of Spirituality: Spirituality in a Challenging World. Parallel session: Spirituality in Every Encounter

May 2012 Faith and Nursing, Symposium, Trinity West University, Faculty of Nursing, Vancouver, Canada Keynote : Religion and Nursing, a UK perspective.

May 2010 British Association for the Study of Spirituality: Spirituality in a Changing World,    Windsor, UK. Parallel session: Religion and Nursing

June 2008 Spirituality, Culture and Identity: An Approach to Care, University of Worcester, Keynote: Putting Spirituality into Practice

September 2008 The Combined 12th International Philosophy of Nursing Conference and 15th New England  Nursing Knowledge Conference, Boston, USA Parallel session: A New model of Nursing and Spirituality: a physical spirituality using theological knowledge

September 2008 Nurse Education Tomorrow Conference, Cambridge, Parallel session: Teaching Nursing in China

July 2007 Making Sense of Spirituality, University of Hull, Centre for Spirituality Parallel session: Spirituality and Nursing, a new approach

November 2006 Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference, Trinity College, Dublin Parallel session: Spirituality and Nursing, embodiment and care

September 2006 Nurse Education Tomorrow Conference, Durham Parallel session: Teaching Spirituality

July 2005 Mixed Methods Conference, Cambridge Parallel session: Spirituality and Nursing: a novel methodological approach using theology.   


Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Registered Nurse

Experience in Elderly Care, Intensive Care, Coronary Care



Clarke,J. (2016) Spiritual Care, in, Becoming a Nurse: a textbook for professional Practice,  Ed. Snelling, P., Sellwood, D. Routledge, London

Clarke, J. (2013) Spiritual Care in Everyday Nursing Practice: A New Approach. Basingstoke, Macmillan

Clarke, J. (2011) Nursing and Christianity, in Nursing, Religion and Ethics, Fowler et al (Eds.) , Springer Publishing, New York

Moss, B. Clarke, J, Moody, I. (2011) Teaching Spirituality, in Spirituality and Mental Health,  Gilbert, P (Ed.), Pavilion, London

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Clarke, J. (2009) A Critical View of how Nursing has Defined Spirituality, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18, 1666-1673

Clarke, J. (2007) A response to Henery, N. (2007) Commentary on Clarke, J, (2006) A discussion    paper about 'meaning' in the nursing literature on spirituality: an interpretation of meaning as "ultimate concern" using the work of Paul Tillich, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 43, 915-921

Clarke, J, (2006) A discussion paper about 'meaning' in the nursing literature on spirituality: an interpretation of meaning as "ultimate concern" using the work of Paul Tillich, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 43, 915-921 Clarke, J, (2006) Religion and spirituality: A discussion paper about negativity, reductionism and differentiation in nursing texts, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 43, 775-785

Clarke, J. (1999) The Diminishing Role of Nurses in Hands on Care, Nursing Times 25,(27),48-49  

Specialist symposiums:

Invited to Windsor Castle by the Abbeyfield Society for a symposium of expert thinkers  on the subject of Spiritual Care in Nursing Homes 2014

Invited to Aberdeen University by Professor John Swinton for an exploratory symposium of leading thinkers  into lines of research for spiritual care  2010

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Editorial, Referee or Review work:

2004 – present - Member of Editorial Board – Practical  Theology

2005 - present – Reviewer for the Journal of Advanced Nursing, The International Journal of Nursing Studies, Nursing Inquiry, Practical Theology and Blackwell Publishers  

Executive Board Member of the British Association for the Study of Spirituality

Member of the Higher Education Academy (Institute of Learning and Teaching)

Member of Hull Centre for Spirituality Studies