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Dr Jane Ellis

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 542543

PhD Applied Social Studies (Warwick) 2006
MA Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies (Warwick) 2000
B.Ed (Hons) (Sheffield City Polytechnic) 1981

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Domestic and sexual violence

Childhood social theory and policy

Professional Experience

Professional Experience




Allnock, D., Radford, L., Bunting, L., Price, A. Morgan-Klein, N., Ellis, J. and Stafford, A. (2012) ‘In Demand: Therapeutic Services for Children and Young People Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse’ Child Abuse Review. Available online

Ellis, J. and Martin, L. (2005) Working with children and young people to prevent violence against women and girls: research and practice, Safe: The Domestic Abuse Quarterly Bristol: WAFE

Book chapters

Radford, L. and Ellis, J. (2012) ‘Offering children confidentiality in research: what are the limits?’ in Fleming, J. and Boeck, T. The Active Involvement of Children and Young People in Health and Social Care Research, London: Routledge

Stanley, N., Ellis, J. and Bell, J. (2010) ‘Delivering preventive programmes in schools: Identifying gender issues’ in Barter, C. and Berridge, D. (2009) Children Behaving Badly? Exploring Peer Violence Between Children and Young People, London: Wiley

Ellis, J. (2008) ‘Primary Prevention of Domestic Abuse through Education’ in Humphreys, C., Houghton, C. and Ellis, J. Literature Review: Better Outcomes for Children and Young People affected by Domestic Abuse – Directions for Good Practice, Edinburgh: Scottish Government.

Ellis, J., Stanley N. and Bell, J. (2006) ‘Prevention Programmes for Children and Young People’ in Humphreys, C. and Stanley, N. (eds) Child Protection and Domestic Violence. Directions for Good Practice, London: Jessica Kingsley.


Radford, L., Aitken, R., Miller, P., Ellis, J., Roberts, J. and Firkic, A. (2011) Meeting the needs of children living with domestic violence in London, London: Refuge/NSPCC/City Bridge Trust

Shared Intelligence and Jane Ellis Consulting (2011) Evaluation of the Special Funds for the Sexual Violence Voluntary and Community Sector, London: Government Equalities Office

Thiara, R.K. and Ellis, J. (2010) Domestic Violence and Abuse Prevention Work in Schools. A report for Coventry Domestic Violence and Abuse Partnership, Coventry: Coventry City Council

Allnock, D., Bunting, L., Price, A., Morgan-Klein, N., Ellis, J., Radford, L. and Stafford, A. (2009) Sexual abuse and therapeutic services for children and young people. The gap between provision and need, London: NSPCC

Thiara, R.K. and Ellis, J. (2005) Westminster Domestic Violence Forum London-wide schools’ Domestic violence prevention project: An evaluation, London: City of Westminster

Ellis, J. (2004) Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls. A study of Educational Programmes for Children and Young People, London: WOMANKIND Worldwide

Ellis, J. (2004) Birmingham Women’s Aid Children and Domestic Violence Project: An evaluation, Birmingham: Birmingham Children’s Fund

Book reviews

Ellis, J. (2004) (Book Review) ‘Social change, gender and violence: post-communist and war affected societies’ Nikolic-Ristanovic, V., Feminist Review 76:127

Conferences and seminars

Centre for Children and Youth, University of Northampton, Seminar 2012
Preventing domestic violence: where are the children?

Gendered Violence Conference, University West of England/Bristol City Council, 2011
Delivering Preventive Work in Schools: Gender Matters Seminar
Preventive work in schools: Ten things we know from research Roundtable

Scottish VAW Prevention Network, Evaluation Event, Glasgow 2010
Evaluation case study workshop

3rd International Gender and Child Welfare Conference, University of Cardiff 2009
Ignorance is bliss? Gender and young people’s knowledge and views of services for those who have experienced child sexual abuse (with Debra Allnock)

Children and Young People’s Research Network for Wales Conference ‘Involving Children and Young People in Research - 'The Ethical Debates'’ 2008 Offering children confidentiality in research - what are the limits?

University of Melbourne School of Social Work and Victoria Department of Planning and Community Development, Seminar Melbourne 2008
School-based work to prevent domestic violence

2nd International Gender and Child Welfare Conference, University of York 2007
Preventing Domestic violence: Where are the children?

Scottish Women’s Aid Conference ‘30 Years On’ 2007
School-based work to ‘prevent’ domestic abuse

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

DCSF/DfE Violence Against Women and Girls Advisory Group, 2009-12

Advisory Board ESRC ‘New Urbanisms, New Citizens’ Project, Universities of Warwick, Leicester and Northampton, 2012-

EVAW Prevention Network, 2009-