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Dr Irmgard Tischner

Lecturer, Psychological Sciences

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 85 2526

PhD Psychology

MSc Health Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Research Interests

My interests are located at the intersection of social, health and critical psychology and I am interested in issues of embodiment and the body in society, health and society, gender, and appearance. Currently I am looking at the experience of ‘being large’ in contemporary western industrialized nations, taking a critical psychological perspective. I generally utilize qualitative methodologies and methods for my research.


Professional Interests

I am teaching undergraduate psychology modules, including Psychology in the Real World, Psychology in Social Welfare and Social Psychology. I am also involved in the teaching of qualitative research methods in psychology.

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

British Psychological Society



Tischner, I. (2011) QMiP Section Conference 2010 – A Change of Tongue: A reflection. QMiP Bulletin, 11: 29 - 31

Halliwell, E., Malson, H. & Tischner, I. (2011) Are Contemporary Media Images Which Seem to Display Women as Sexually Empowered Actually harmful to Women? Psychology of Women Quarterly, Vol. 35(1): 38-45

Tischner, I. & Malson, H. (in press, 2011) Deconstructing health and the un/healthy ‘fat’ woman, Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

Malson, H., Halliwell, E., Tischner, I. & Rudolfsdottir, A. (2011) Post-feminist advertising laid bare: Young women’s talk about the sexually agentic woman of ‘midriff’ advertising, Feminism & Psychology, Vol. 21(1): 74-99

Tischner, I. & Malson, H. (in preparation), Understanding the ‘too fat’ body and the ‘too thin’ body: A Critical Psychological Perspective, in N. Rumsey & D. Harcourt (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of The Psychology of Appearance, Oxford, Oxford University Press

Tischner, I. & Malson, H. (2010). "You can't be supersized?" - Exploring Femininities, Body Size and Control within the Obesity Terrain. In E. Rich, L. Monaghan & L. Aphramor (Eds) Debating Obesity: Critical Perspectives, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Tischner, I. (2010) The experience of 'being large': A critical psychological exploration of 'fat' embodiment", Body Image : Dissertation Abstracts and Summaries, [Online], vol. 7, no. 4. Available from:

Tischner, I. & Malson, H. (2008) Exploring the Politics of Women’s In/Visible‘Large’ Bodies, Feminism & Psychology, Vol. 18(2): 260–267

Tischner, I., Bridle, C., Harcourt D (2007) A critique of the use of Randomised Controlled Trials and Systematic Reviews to evaluate Exercise Referral Schemes in the UK, UWE Psychology Postgraduate Papers  

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities