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International Centre for the Picture Book in Society


The International Centre for the Picture Book in Society aims:

  • To provide an international focus in the UK for the making and study of the picture book, defined in their broadest sense (children's books, comics, hand-made books, 'zines, educational books, e-books and graphic novels)
  • To promote a multi-cultural approach to engaging 'society' in its broadest terms with picture books, embracing minorities and socially disenfranchised people
  • To nurture new UK awareness of non-Anglophone picture book making, establishing a platform for showcasing picture books published across the globe.

Already in progress:

  • An international research collection of innovative, peer acclaimed, published contemporary picture books from across the globe, to be housed at The Hive (Worcester’s award-winning new university and city library).
  • Public programmes of talks and events involving picture book makers (illustrators, writes and publishers) from Europe and other regions of the world.
  • Liaison and collaboration with others - international organisations, publishers and research groups - on creation and promotion of, and research into, picture books.
  • Exhibitions of international picture book illustration collections and competition winners at The Hive (e.g. the first International Lemniscaat Picture Book Illustration Competition in October 2014)
  • Invitations to authors, illustrators and bibliophiles to become ‘Friends of the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society’

Future projects:

Illustration at the University of Worcester is launching the Centre’s work in phases. Next will be:

  • A programme of international illustrators and picture book makers in residence
  • Workshops and spaces for children and young people to create and make their own picture books.
  • Pan European and international inter-institutional projects and research collaborations associated with picture books and their applications.
  • Support for young, aspiring illustrators' early career development.
  • Support for existing bodies and organisation involved in the promotion of picture books, illustration, reading and the democratisation of picture book-creation.