Indian Picture Books to Be Showcased at The Hive

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A stunning exhibition of Indian picture books will go on display at The Hive later this month.

‘Made by Hand’ will introduce audiences to the book making process of the award-winning TARA books, an independent publisher of picture books for adults and children based in Chennai, India.

The exhibition has been organised by Piet Grobler and Tobias Hickey, Course Leaders for Illustration at the University of Worcester, and forms part of the work of the University’s International Centre for the Picture Book in Society.

It will open at 6pm on Thursday, March 26 with the launch of TARA’s newest book, The Creation, written by Gita Wolf and illustrated by Bhajju Shyam. Gita, publisher of TARA books, and her son Arun, will be at the event to talk about the book and the exhibition.

“I met Gita Wolf a couple of years ago and I illustrated a book for them,” said Piet Grobler. “We kept in touch and when in Bologna last year at the Children’s Book Fair, Tobias and I met with them again and explained our Centre to them.

“Since their ethos of involvement with society and opening up opportunities to people who do not have easy access to books and book making coincides so much with that of our Centre, we just had to get them over to hear Gita talk about their work and let our students and the Worcester public see their wonderful books.”

Gita Wolf has written more than 14 award-winning books for children and adults. She was an academic by training before she moved into publishing, with a research focus on comparative literature.

TARA books was founded in 1994 and operate as a collective of dedicated writers, designers and artists who strive for a union of fine form with rich content.

In the morning of the 26th, there will be a workshop with 35 pupils from a local primary school, presented by Illustration students from the University. The workshop will be based on Gobble You Up! a book by Gita Wolf and illustrated by Sunita from Rajastan’s Meena tribe.

Then in the afternoon Gita and Arun will give a public talk and will show a film produced by Arun on the making of The Creation. This will take place in the University’s Riverside Building on Hylton Road at 1.15pm and is open to the public and students.

Books, handmade cards and original silk screen prints will be for sale during the course of the exhibition, which also includes a video on book making by Arun Wolf and original screen prints by Indian artists. The free exhibition will run at The Hive until April 26.