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Impact Studies

Impact Studies

Reliable, robust quality-assured impact.

The University is committed to working in partnership to develop outstanding teachers and leaders in order to deliver excellence and equity in the education of young people and adults. We are also committed to providing high quality, cost effective professional development.


Middle and Emerging Leaders

Our Aims

  • Increase the expertise of middle leaders and enable them to lead with impact
  • Develop a regional network that supports emerging leaders to develop and advance

What we do

  • Support middle leaders to develop strategies to lead their team with impact
  • Use research-informed approaches to analyse strengths and areas for development
  • Provide bespoke coaching and mentoring to support continuing development
  • Provide flexible training and expert facilitation for groups of middle leaders


Two day programme for 18 Middle Leaders.


  • To be able to adopt different leadership styles to ensure the team meets its objectives.
  • To be able to present, communicate or defend challenging messages confidently and positively to a range of audiences.
  • To hold others to account, line manage and evaluate performance effectively.
  • To recognise your own strengths and weaknesses and identify learning linked to your needs.
  • To implement successful change at team level.

Comments from HT

‘My middle leaders have embraced their role as a result of this training, its definitely had a positive impact.’

‘xxx has raised his profile, really upped his game and taking responsibility’.

Comments from Middle leaders

‘I need to take action and not be afraid to deal with difficult situations; this course has given me some resources / advice for this’

‘I feel enthusiastic about leading a whole school project and can’t wait to get started!’

‘I have a clear agenda for difficult / challenging interactions and encourage people to arrive at conclusions rather than just ‘telling’

‘Helpful conversations about sticking to a process, using evidence, planning about what needs to be done and said’

‘Reviewing my learning and leadership styles has given me greater insight into how to work with people with similar / very different styles (& I will be adapting my approach accordingly)’



Our Aim

  • Committed to promoting effective governance of schools and academies
  • Provide guidance and support to enhance governance capacity and capability

What we do

  • Offer a series of practice based workshops for governors
  • Designed to enhance knowledge and expertise in governance and build confidence
  • Delivered by experienced staff who have extensive experience of school and academy governance

Our Principles

  • Through expert facilitation we aim to empower self-learning and secure new governance knowledge and expertise
  • Work regionally to strengthen partnerships and enhance collaborative governance and education leadership
  • Create a sustainable and cost effective regional offer

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"My middle leaders have embraced their role as a result of this training, its definitely had a positive impact"

Comment from Head Teacher