'I Feel Like I Am Growing as A Historian Every Day'

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By its very nature, History is a subject which will always continue to evolve, constantly presenting students with different opportunities to explore various interwoven strands of complex topics.

One such opportunity was presented to second year History student Philip Rose earlier this month, when scholars and experts from across the world attended the prestigious Women’s History Network Annual Conference, held at the University of Worcester.

Philip, who is just beginning the second year of his University of Worcester course, was inspired to take part in the conference – which centred around the role of women on the ‘Home Front’ – by conference organiser and lecturer Professor Maggie Andrews, who is recognised as one of the country’s leading cultural historians and experts in femininity and domesticity.

Philip explains: “Having attended many corporate conferences in my previous career, I relished the opportunity to attend my first academic conference. Having been taught by Professor Andrews, I knew that the conference would be superb.”

Presentations at the conference covered a number of historical periods and perspectives, focusing on issues such as families and domesticity, politics and organisations, working lives, culture and entertainment.

Philip continues: “I feel that I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge from the conference, which has given me an insight into the scope of women’s history.

“This has resulted in me revisiting my chosen modules for my second year, as I would very much like to pursue this topic further.

“A lot of delegates also offered me advice for my future studies which was extremely beneficial and very helpful in giving me a broader understanding of the academic world

“The event opened up so many debates and threads of interest for me. It showed me what's required to be to a successful Historian, which has been unbelievably beneficial, inspiring and motivational - confirming that I have indeed made the right decision to pursue a History degree.”

Philip, who previously worked in Human Resources as a Payroll and Recruitment Specialist, says it has been his ‘long-term ambition’ to study History, and that his time at Worcester is increasingly giving him the confidence to follow another aim of becoming a lecturer in the subject.

“I have learned so much from all my lecturers who are dedicated, passionate and above all extremely supportive,” he says.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Worcester as a place to study History. We have so many tools at our disposal; Worcester itself, the dedication and support of the History lecturers, the resources at The Hive all offer fantastic opportunities.

“I can’t stress how much I am enjoying my time at Worcester – I feel like I am growing as a Historian every day.”