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Flexible study options

Choice and flexibility are the hallmarks of our courses

Flexible module choices

Our degree courses are modular and composed of a number of units, each of which has the same credit rating. This provides flexibility and allows you to choose from a wide range of options. These can be from other courses within the Institute or timetable permitting units from any other department in the University.

We recognise that your interest in a particular topic may develop only when you are more familiar with a subject at university level, so you can tailor your degree as you progress. You can also enhance your studies with work placements or language modules.

From 2013 you will also be able to choose from our new elective modules. Download the elective module guide to find out more.

Overseas exchange

You have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. This is an excellent opportunity to travel and to gain a fresh perspective on your course through the experience of a different academic system. Participating in the programme will broaden your horizons, enhance your personal development and can dramatically improve your career prospects.

Part time study

The majority of our courses are available both full and part time. If you want to vary the amount of time you spend studying from year to year, or even take a break for a while, you can.

Visit our course search to filter by full and part time courses.