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Film courses

“[Film Studies]…is an exceptional degree programme that provides students with forward pathways into the culture industries and wider professions.” (Dr. Brigid Cherry, St. Mary’s University)

Welcome to the University of Worcester Animation, Film Production, Film Studies and Screenwriting homepage.

From here you can find information about single and joint honours courses as well as interesting work from staff and students. Feel free to click around and see the exciting things we have on offer.

Single Honours Courses
Here at the University of Worcester you can study film and screenwriting in a number of ways. You can choose to do Film Studies or Digital Film Production as single honours or you can opt for a combination of the three areas.

Joint Honours Courses
If you love film and the moving image but are not sure what you want to be doing why not try Film Studies and Digital Film Production? If you are creative and want to work in film production perhaps Screenwriting and Digital Film Production is the one for you? If the written word is where your strengths lie, Screenwriting and Film Studies could possibly be ideal? If you want to explore special effects and CGI you could combine Digital Film Production and Animation.

Explore and Experiment
Of course ‘film’ here does not just mean feature films. We have modules in short film production, avant-garde cinema, experimental film, documentary, writing for television, TV and radio comedy, commercial video production, CGI and animation, and sound design. Students on all our film courses have the opportunity explore a range of different types of media, and approaches to creating and understanding the moving image.

Experts in our Fields
In addition to teaching, Film is backed by a strong research culture that ensures students are taught by academics active in their field. Research output ranges from monographs on Alfred Hitchcock and the British crime film, to ground-breaking works on the Italian ‘Giallo’, film and the relationship between film and folklore.

Some of our lecturers come from professional production backgrounds, and continue to develop their practice alongside teaching. Our backgrounds include mainstream feature film, independent short film, documentary, artist’s film and video, television and Radio. Our work can be seen in cinemas, at film festivals, on BBC radio and television and in art galleries.

We also have regular visiting lectures from high profile writers, producers and technicians.

Short animation Placebo, written and directed by Screenwriting Course Leader Sarah Evans.
The Un-Gone, written and directed by Screenwriting lecturer Simon Bovey
How To Be edited by Reuben Irving - Digital Film Production Course Leader

Thanks to the support of the University... I was fortunate enough to be invited to BBC Birmingham on the basis of my script to chat and pitch episode ideas for 'Doctors'.


The lecturers have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field

Screenwriting Student