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The most employable graduates and postgraduates will have achieved their full academic potential and be able to demonstrate current knowledge, understanding and experience of the professional fields or contexts in which they aspire to work. They will have some experience of paid employment, be articulate and flexible, and creative thinkers and problem solvers. They will offer sophisticated critical thinking, research, presentation and team-working skills, know how to network and negotiate, and be persistent, reliable, determined and hard working.

We adopt a range of approaches to supporting students to develop their employability and to recognise the skills and competences that they are acquiring. Students are supported to explore the range of careers and other opportunities that may be open to them (including postgraduate study), to develop their CVs and other material for presentation to prospective employers, to network with prospective employers, and to benefit from the experience of graduates and others already in employment. Courses draw on the expertise not just of academic staff members, but of the University’s Careers Service, its Royal Literary Fund writer-in-residence, its doctoral research students, regional employers and nationally and internationally-based industry professionals and professional practitioners.  

Many of our courses already support work experience and work placements (as part of, and in addition to, formal teaching), and we’re working towards extending these opportunities across the entire Institute. Some courses collaborate with partners on ‘live projects’, providing students with opportunities to work to professional briefs in simulated professional environments, and we encourage students across the Institute to undertake activity that extends their experience (from volunteering to playing active roles in clubs and societies). Participation in the University’s Worcester Awards scheme is actively encouraged. 

Much of the Institute’s developing postgraduate courses are geared towards students with career development or enhancement in mind and provide opportunities for work experience and engagement with industry professionals. We also have a strong track record of success in supporting postgraduates who wish to develop as academic researchers or teachers.