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Approach and ethos

University experience will play a pivotal role in realising individuals’ potential in their chosen career and life paths, whatever they may be. To join the Institute is to be part of a rich culture of activity shaped by the knowledge that academic work is exciting, enriching and empowering. The Institute is widely appreciated for its friendly environment and relatively small scale, and committed to inclusivity and equity, regardless of disability, ethnicity or age.

Twenty-first century learning and knowledge result, increasingly, from pooling the insights and approaches of formerly separate academic disciplines and professional spheres. ‘Work’, whether in university, professional or industry contexts, is a matter of ‘team work’. Creativity, critical thinking and adaptability in the face of rapid change are prized - and needed - arguably above all else. The Institute’s broad discipline base thus provides a fertile environment not just for engagement with individual subjects, but to be inspired and challenged by the insights and provocations of others.

Academic work will be a life’s work for only a minority. For most, it’s a step on the path to ambitions and aspirations elsewhere. Acknowledging that many students arrive at university unable to see clearly beyond their chosen academic course, by graduation we aspire to enable all to have formulated possibilities for their futures. From a bed-rock of excellent teaching and support, we seek to encourage academic achievement, articulacy, self confidence and ambition. We look to nurture graduates and postgraduates whose sense of direction has grown through their learning and the wider experiences and competencies that they have acquired.