High Sheriff of Worcestershire Praises University's Facilities and Benefits to City

The High Sheriff of Worcestershire has praised the University’s facilities and highlighted the benefits that it brings to the City on a recent visit.

Stephen Betts said he had been impressed by not only the quality and “world class” facilities he had seen, but also the way the University had integrated into and benefited the local community. He also praised the University’s progressive attitude towards inclusivity and accessibility.

“It is really interesting and impressive how the University has become part of the life of Worcester, and the facilities are integrated into the life of the City, which is fantastic,” he said. “It’s a really top quality institution. It’s good for the city of Worcester to have such a progressive university – it’s a fantastic thing for the city and good for Worcestershire too. It has a benefit in terms of quality of life and the facilities, but it also has an economic benefit and brings people to the City.”

Mr Betts, who has a family business based in Kidderminster, visited with his wife Caroline, who actually studied on the site in the early 1970s when it was a teacher training college. The pair had a tour that included the University’s nursing and science facilities and Law School, but also The Hive and the University of Worcester Arena.

“I have been aware of the University growing over the years, but we hadn’t been aware of the extent of the facilities and how good they are,” said Mr Betts, whose role, appointed by the Crown, historically was the principal law enforcement officer in the county.

“The mock law court was absolutely amazing. I think it brings the law to life. Instead of just studying books and having lectures, being able to re-enact a courtroom is a fantastic facility to have.”

He also praised The Hive, which he had only previously seen from the outside, describing it as “a lovely building and such a fantastic facility”.

“The Arena was very impressive – that’s a world class facility,” he added.

“With The Hive and the Arena, people are coming from all over the world to find out how we did it.”

The couple also enjoyed hearing about the relationship between research and industry and Mr Betts stressed the importance of raising awareness among businesses in the Midlands of what the university has to offer and the opportunities to work together.