Green Design Students Visit the Iconic Worcestershire Sauce Factory

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Students studying Green Design, on the University of Worcester’s Graphic Design & Multimedia course, have been allowed a rare glimpse into the secretive world of Worcester’s Lea & Perrins’ sauce factory.

This famous factory produces bottles of the iconic Worcestershire Sauce both for the UK and for exports around the world. The exact recipe for the sauce is still a closely-guarded secret but the doors to the factory were opened to University of Worcester Graphic Design & Multimedia students for a rare glimpse into this historic and special brand.

The students were invited to look round on the back of a brief that they had been set by Lea & Perrins’ parent company Heinz. Heinz has provided the students with the same brief that they would give to their creative design agencies. It asks them to create prototype designs and solutions that make the sauce even more attractive to a younger audience whilst at the same time using sustainable materials and processes to do so.

Green Design student Antonia Lyons said of her visit: “Having been fortunate enough to have Lea & Perrins give us such a prestigious brief, it was a great added bonus to be able to get behind the scenes and see how well it applies sustainability to its production process. It was a great example to us, as students of green design, to see how seriously Lea & Perrins takes Heinz’s Corporate Social Responsibility Charter too.”

The student design brief was generated by Shane Shortman, Lea & Perrins’ brand manager and Senior Lecturer Andy Stevenson. Shane said: “This project is a fantastic opportunity for us to help support the University of Worcester whilst generating some great new ideas and fresh thinking for the brand.”

The final outputs from the brief will be submitted as working prototypes in early January. Students have been asked to ‘blue sky think’ by Heinz and will be bearing in mind a growth in consumer interest in areas such as ethical consuming.

The students’ tutor Andy Stevenson said: “This brief is a real coup for us and we’re really grateful to Heinz for asking us to work with them on it and allowing us access to the amazing Lea & Perrins factory. It’s so important for the students to work on realistic design briefs and to learn to liaise with real clients. The confidence that this then gives them will impact hugely on their employability after they graduate.”

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