Geography Lecturer Explores National Identity During Research Fellowship

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A Geography lecturer from the University of Worcester has returned from a prestigious Fellowship in America, exploring national identity.

Dr David Storey’s research centres around nationalism and heritage, themes highlighted by this year’s London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Most international sporting bodies allow people to represent either the country of their birth or one to which they have an attachment through ethnicity or residency,” he said.

“One of the lectures I gave explored the senses of national identity expressed by sportspeople competing for a country other than the one in which they were born. It considered a range of international examples (particularly in relation to countries in Africa) but with a specific focus on the Republic of Ireland soccer team.”

Dr Storey spent four weeks with The Alworth Institute at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) as an International Fellow. The Institute aims to engage students, staff and the wider public in open discussion, for educational, social and democratic purposes, of a wide range of international issues and of their domestic implications.

Dr Storey delivered three public lectures during his Fellowship; Geographies of Nationalism; National Heritage and Place Promotion; and Transferring National Allegiance: Sport and Identity.

He also gave lectures to undergraduate students within the College of Liberal Arts and UMD as well as developing further link between UMD and the University of Worcester.

“I would like to think that through my lectures and meetings with individual faculty members at UMD, I was able to pass on some insights from my research and contribute to the life of the university,” he said.

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