First Breast Cancer Lifestyle Programme Proves Successful

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A 12-week programme to help women who have survived breast cancer, run at the University of Worcester, has been hailed a huge success.

The first Breast Cancer Lifestyle Programme at the McClelland Centre started in mid-April. Run in partnership with the Worcestershire NHS Trust, the programme featured physical activity, nutrition and psychology sessions.

A bespoke fitness programme, Tai Chi, and pedometer-based walking goals were part of the various physical activity sessions. As a bonus, the participants received temporary membership to the McClelland Centre fitness suite.

Aiming to promote healthier lifestyle, the nutrition sessions provided advice on food types, portion sizes, understanding food labels and healthy eating planning. To ensure a relaxing and supportive environment, participants took part in psychology sessions.

The programme was designed and delivered by staff and students from the University’s Institute of Sport and Exercise Science and the Institute of Health and Society.

“It was amazing to see the commitment of the women in each session in working towards a healthier goal to be achieved through the duration of the programme,” says Jessica Morgan, Psychology student at the University of Worcester. “The uniqueness of this initiative is that it managed to promote more than healthier lifestyle. It provided a social platform for these women to share their experiences. We hope that this knowledge will help to adapt and run the programme again in the near future.”

Full evaluation on the programme’s effectiveness will be presented in the near future.