Family Fun With A Difference in Magical Play Set in an Attic

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A magical play set in an attic full of old toys, clothes and memories will be staged at Malvern Theatres this weekend.

Granny Twiddle’s Emporium of Wonderful Things is performed by The Magic Attic Theatre Company, which is based at University of Worcester.

It goes on stage twice on Saturday (JAN 28) at 11am and 2pm and is aimed at younger children but is suitable for all families.

Director David Broster said: “Granny Twiddle’s Emporium of Wonderful Things is a story about stories. It takes place in an attic, an attic full of old things: toys, clothes, paintings… just about everything you can think of really.

“All of these objects are part of Granny Twiddle’s extraordinary life and provide her with important memories, memories she is very happy to share. Granny Twiddle has a sister – Agatha Twaddle, who also has a secret – a secret that unexpectedly is revealed; a secret that could damage her life forever.

“Agatha arranges a car boot sale in order to get rid of “all the old junk” and has asked their granddaughter, Laura, who is known as ‘Worm’ by her mischievous friends ‘Dribble’ and ‘Smudge’, to bring some friends over from school to help.

“And this is where our story begins. Using a myriad of storytelling techniques Granny Twiddle’s Emporium of Wonderful Things is funny, a little bit sad and, of course, exciting.”

Tickets will be available on the door at Malvern Theatres.