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European Shakespeare Research Association Congress June/July 2015

Shakespeare's Europe - Europe's Shakespeare(s)

29 June - 2 July 2015
University of Worcester, UK

Conference Announcement

The traffic of Shakespeare’s stage invites spectators and readers to travel to different places, imagined and real. Italian and French cities – Verona, Venice, Mantua, Padua, Florence, Milan, Rome, Navarre, Roussillon, Paris, Marseilles – set the scenes of his plays. Rome, Athens, Ephesus and Troy occasion travels in time. On Britain’s map – divided in King Lear – other places are mapped: Scotland, England, Windsor, the Forest of Arden, York. Viola arrives on ‘the shore’ of Illyria while, in The Winter’s Tale, the action shifts between Bohemia and Sicilia. Othello sets up camp in Cyprus and Don Pedro returns, victorious, to Messina. Within the confines of one play, Hamlet, too, maps Europe: from Elsinore, Laertes requests permission to return to France; the Mousetrap is set in Vienna, which will become the setting for Measure for Measure; Hamlet is sent to England, and on his way encounters the Norwegian army marching across Denmark on its way to Poland.

Time and geographical travels map a whole continent and its social, political and cultural exchanges – a feature that Shakespeare’s plays shared with his early modern contemporaries as much as they have with his readers, editors, translators, spectators, film adaptors and critical commentators since.

The 2015 ESRA conference continues the long-standing dialogue between Shakespeare’s Europe and Europe’s Shakespeare(s). It asks scholars to take a look at the wider playwriting context of the early modern period and the European reception of Shakespeare as a subject that has been continuously developing, not least due to Europe’s several recent remappings. Twenty-five years since the first events that focused exclusively on European Shakespeares (Antwerp 1990) and Shakespeare in the New Europe (Sofia 1992), ESRA 2015 invites a look back at 425 years of European Shakespeare and towards a vigorous debate on what Shakespeare means for Europe today, as well as on ESRA’s place in Shakespeare Studies, European and beyond.

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Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers

A picture of Claire Cochrane
Prof Claire Cochrane
A picture of Sabine Schulting
Prof Sabine Schülting
A picture of Alexander Shurbanov
Prof Alexander Shurbanov
A picture of Michael Hattaway
Prof Michael Hattaway


Call for papers

Call for papers

We welcome proposals for papers in the following seminars. Please submit an abstract (200-300 words) and a brief biography (150 words) by 15 January 2015 to all conveners of the seminar of your choice. All participants will be notified about the acceptance of their proposals by 1 March 2015. The deadline for submitting the completed seminar papers (3,000 words) is 1 May 2015.

Click here for the Call for Papers document [PDF]

1. Continental (Im)Prints of Shakespeare from the 20th Century

Jana Wild, Theatre Faculty Bratislava, Slovakia,
Gabriella Reuss, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary,

2. Directing Shakespeare in the New Europe: Productions, Interpretations, Contexts

Lawrence Guntner (TU Braunschweig / AMU Poznan)
David Maund (University of Worcester, UK)

3. European Actors of Shakespeare

Bettina Boecker, Shakespeare Research Library, University of Munich, Germany,
Aneta Mancewicz, University of Kingston, UK,

4. European Shakespeare – "United in Diversity"? 

Emily Oliver (KCL),
Benedict Schofield,

5. European Shakespearean Festivals (20th-21st centuries)

Florence March, IRCL, University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, France,
Paul Prescott, University of Warwick, UK,

6. European Women in Early Modern Drama

Edel Semple, University College Cork,
Ema Vyroubalova, Trinity College Dublin,

7. “Now, gods, stand up for bastards!” – Illegitimacy in Shakespeare 

Dr. Pierre Kapitaniak, University of Paris, France,
Dr. Imke Lichterfeld, University of Bonn, Germany,

8. Recent European (Re)translations of Shakespeare 

Lily Kahn (UCL),
Márta Minier (University of South Wales),
Martin Regal (University of Iceland),

9. Shakespeare and European Communities of Emotion

Erin Sullivan, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham,
Kristine Steenbergh, VU University of Amsterdam,

10. Shakespeare and the Language/s of Performance

Boika Sokolova, University of Notre Dame in London,
Aleksandra Sakovska, London Shakespeare Centre Administrator, Executive Director at British Friends of Gdansk Theatre Trust,

11. Shakespeare and/in European Cinema

Kinga Földváry, Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Hungary),
Douglas Lanier, University of New Hampshire (USA),
Mariangela Tempera, University of Ferrara (Italy),

12. Shakespeare, European Tourism and Beyond

Márta Minier (University of South Wales, Cardiff,
Maddalena Pennacchia (Roma Tre University, Rome,

13. Teaching Shakespeare for All Time

Jacek Fabiszak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland:
Elizabeth Pentland, York University (Canada):
Georgi Niagolov, Sofia University, Bulgaria:

14. The European Shakespeare Canon

Ángel-Luis Pujante (University of Murcia)
Juan F. Cerdá (University of Murcia)

15. To “pay the debt I never promised”: Shakespeare and Crisis in Present-Day Europe

Miguel Ramalhete Gomes (University of Porto, Portugal),
Remedios Perni (University of Murcia, Spain),



1. The Transmission of Shakespeare’s plays in Continental Europe through Jean-François Ducis’s imitations
Convener: Michèle Willems
Panellists: Paul Franssen, Keith Gregor, Mariangela Tempera, Michèle Willems

2. Digital Shakespeare: the Case for European Initiative
Convener: Christie Carson
Panellists: Juan Fra Cerda, Silvia Bigliazzi, Jesus Tronch Perez

3. Negotiating ‘Europe’ in Re-auteurizing Shakespeare on screen
Convener: Melissa Croteau
Panellists: Victoria Bladen, Maurizio Calbi, and Melissa Croteau 

4. European Journals in Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies
Convener: Sabine Schülting
Panellists: Clara Calvo, Jean-Christophe Mayer, Sabine Schülting and Gabriel Egan

5. Europe’s Shakespeare and the Practice of Spectating
Convener: P.A. Skantze
Panellists: Ella Finer, Penelope Woods, P.A. Skantze

6. Shakespeare and National Stereotypes
Convener: Marcela Kostihova
Panellists: Nicoleta Cinpoes, Alexey Bartoshevitch, Francesca Clare Rayner


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