Esme Awarded Scholarship to Help Fund Bangladeshi Volunteer Trip

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A student from Cornwall has been awarded a university scholarship to help her to undertake a volunteering trip to Bangladesh.

Esme Bamber, an Art & Design and Illustration student at the University of Worcester, will spend ten weeks in the Asian country later this year, and will be working as part of a disaster response team, helping to rebuild communities affected by things such as floods, landslides and earthquakes.

She has recently been awarded financial assistance by the Universitys Scholarship Panel, which benefits students who undertake extra-curricular activities in areas such as sport, music and the arts, as well as volunteering projects.

19 year-old Esme explains: I have previously volunteered in South Africa and Lesotho, where I spent some time last summer. I worked in an orphanage, did teaching and helped to improve the state of the buildings whilst I was there.

I wanted to make this summer as worthwhile as the last one, so I decided to explore the option of volunteering abroad with a charity. Helping others who may be less fortunate is a great passion of mine.

Its great to have the support and financial backing of the University; its nice to know that they support students both in an educational and extra-curricular sense.

Esme will travel to Bangladesh in June, and she believes that the trip will have a number of long-term benefits.

I imagine that this trip will really be a once in a lifetime experience, she adds. I feel like Im already developing from the opportunity; fundraising has really opened my eyes to the effort needed to get big projects off the ground and to organise and host events.

I feel that immersing myself in the Bangladeshi culture and traditions, for such a long time, will help my art practices and form a good grounding for relative projects in my work.