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Employer Perspectives

We are very pleased with how well our NQTs have embraced the teaching profession. They were well prepared for the job and have bought a range of experience and teaching skills with them.

They were well prepared for September and had organised their classrooms and taken time to familiarise themselves with school procedures and planning documents.

…’s lessons are always of a very high quality; her observed lessons this term were both graded ‘outstanding’.

… has been an asset to the school since he arrived. … is an exceptional NQT.

Our NQTs have had a positive impact on the school as they are imaginative and are keen to use new methods of delivery. They bring new ideas, enthusiasm, positivity and energy to our school. They have excellent relationships with staff and students. The impact that the NQTs have had on their students are high levels of engagement in a positive learning atmosphere with some risk taking.
Our University of Worcester RQTs are enthusiastic, some are now mentors and successfully coaching the NQTs through the first year of teaching.

Our NQT is having a positive impact on our school. She was observed as outstanding in a recent OFSTED and is beginning a leadership course for NQTs. Within the department she is very self-sufficient and has lots of innovative ideas that she has shared with colleagues. She is willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities and seeks additional responsibility such as organising school visits. She is always keen to develop her teaching skills, she engages with whole school CPD and is proactive in improving her teaching. She has a good relationship with pupils and they make good progress in her lessons. Pupils are engaged and motivated and willing to try more challenging activities. She uses a range of differentiated activities in her lessons.

Our NQTs bring new enthusiasm and ideas in learning strategies and an ability to teach a second subject. They have shared new ideas at NQT and new staff induction and are proving to be excellent tutors. Within departments the NQTs have had a positive impact with their new ideas and involvement in extra curricular activities. They have immediately being willing to take on developments and initiatives to support their departments. The NQTs have had a positive impact on their students by enabling positive learning experiences. They have delivered outstanding lessons and act a good role models. They personalise support for students and use innovative practice in aiding students to lead the learning.