Educationalists Invited to Festival of Leadership Learning

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Educational leaders from as far afield as Ontario will descend on the University of Worcester for a Festival of Leadership Learning.

The event, taking place on Wednesday, July 4th, will see like-minded leaders coming together to explore areas of mutual interest in the context of educational change and reform.

The day will revolve around a series of learning conversations facilitated by Professor John West-Burnham.

There will be a chance to explore current themes that are impacting upon educational leaders and to share in research and enquiry group findings.

Tom Whittingham, Head of External Development in the University of Worcester’s Institute of Education, said: “It is a day of professional development and enrichment and a chance to listen to current leaders, and hear their hopes and fears”.

“There will be space and time for reflection, rare commodities in this period of significant reform and change. It is also a chance to meet other like minds and explore themes of mutual interest; to network and look ahead, to build new, and develop existing, learning networks.”

Anyone interested in attending the event can contact Tom Whittingham at or call 07788 301509.