Education Lecturers Earn Praise for Teacher Training Text

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Three University of Worcester lecturers have been praised by fellow Education lecturers across the country after releasing what has been described as an ‘essential companion’ for all trainee teachers.

Catriona Robinson, Associate Head of the Institute of Education, and Colin Howard and Branwen Bingle, both Senior Lecturers in Primary Education, have teamed up to write ‘Primary School Placements: A Critical Guide to Outstanding Teaching’, which was published by Critical Publishing this summer.

After receiving excellent feedback from a number of other education institutes throughout the country, the three are already working on a follow-up title, designed to help graduates through their NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) year.

Of the first book, Ms Robinson says: “It was released in June, and so far has been very well received – many teacher training institutions have adopted it as a key text.

“Among the feedback we have had is that the book is ‘well-timed and highly relevant’, and many lecturers have said that they will be recommending the book to their students who are midway through or just about to start their training.”

She continues: “It came about after we spotted a gap in the market – we realised we were all supporting our students and telling them the same thing, but that there were few central texts that pulled all of this information together.

“The book is very well tailored for our trainee teachers, and looks at the building blocks of achieving outstanding levels of teaching. It offers an opportunity for students to read about what their placements will be like, and is also a reflective text, grounded in our own teaching experiences.”

The book was compiled over an 18 month period, and includes several scenarios based on the previous teaching experiences of the authors, and the placement recollections of a number of University of Worcester students.

Ms Bingle adds: “Each chapter relates to teacher standards, and we use a number of real-life examples to encourage the reader to become a reflective practitioner.”

Each of the three authors are now also working on separate projects alongside their collaborative NQT text, and Dr Howard believes that the exceptional reception that book has received will benefit both staff and students within the University’s Institute of Education.

He says: “This was the first book we had collaborated on, and we were able to support each other during the process. The feedback we have received since it was released has led us to embark on the follow-up projects, which will in turn see us working with other members of the institution to spread and grow the levels of expertise.

“Fundamentally though, the book is designed to benefit our already outstanding teaching graduates. The statistics show that our graduates have a very high employability rate, and that we are producing first class teachers – hopefully this text will complement and enhance that reputation.”