Ecology Student Receives Scholarship to Run a WWF Project

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A Conservation Ecology student is planning to cycle from Birmingham to Bucharest this summer to raise awareness of a number of WWF causes.

Dragos Hrituleac, who is in the second year of his degree at the University of Worcester, will be trying to bring people’s attention to the issues arising around the Danube sturgeon, the construction of more than 400 hydropower plants in areas of conservation concern in Romania, and legislation and designations for wetlands and river habitats.

He has been awarded £250 from the University of Worcester’s Scholarship Panel to support his bike ride, which starts in June.

Aiming to help WWF to put pressure on local authorities and the Romanian government, Dragos and his friend Tiberiu, who is studying at Coventry University, will be cycling over 1800 miles from Birmingham to Bucharest, Romania.

The 20-year-old student, from Romania, said: “I am proud to be awarded the scholarship which will help me run the project. I am glad that the University supports students with activities they do alongside their studies.

“I am keen on long, endurance rides where I can see and experience new aspects of what surrounds us, and this includes everything from landscapes to architectural structures of all sorts, new people and different ways of living.”

Dragos, who is a member of the Worcester St John’s Cycling Club, as well as the University Cycling Club, has been actively cycling for four years now. As part of his activities, he has taken part in cross-country races in Romania, time trials as well as charitable rides for the British Heart Foundation and KidsCan Foundation.

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*Photo credits: Constantin Chirila