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Dr Mark Piekarz

Curriculum Assistant, Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for Sport Development & Coaching

Institute of Sport & Exercise Science

Contact Details


tel: 01905 85 5097

Mark Piekarz began his career in community sport management, having worked as outreach worker, instructor and eventually a manager of a community sport complex. After completing a master’s qualification in leisure management at the University of Sheffield, he went into teaching and has now taught in the subject area of sport, tourism and adventure for over twenty five years. His PhD focused on political risk, which combined his undergraduate degree in politics, with his practitioner experience relating to risks management and the challenges generated by the process of globalization and international travel.

Mark is the author of a variety of books and articles on sport management, together with publishing work on sport and human rights, conflict zone tourism and risk management. Mark has a strong research interest in social entrepreneurship, international sport development and particularly risk management, from its operational application, to its use for assessing international country attractiveness.


PhD (Cranfield University)
MA in Leisure Management (University of Sheffield)
BA in Political Theory & Institutions (University of Liverpool)


Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

  • Operational sport management
  • Risk management
  • Sport event management
  • Sponsorship and fundraising
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing and international sport development

Research Interests

  • Political risk management
  • Sport and human rights
  • Sport event impact analysis
  • Experiential economy
University Roles

University Roles

Course leader for Sport Business Management and Sport Development and Coaching
Curriculum Assistant
Quality scrutineer; recruitment and marketing





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External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

External Examiner for Sheffield Hallam University – PG Sport Management 
External Examiner for University of Derby – UG Sport Development and Sport Management Courses