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Dr Karima Kadi-Hanifi

Senior Lecturer in Education

Institute of Education

Contact Details


tel: 01905 542151

Karima has always been passionate about research, starting with the major research project she did  for her PhD in Linguistics, looking at why ‘low varieties’ of English survive and developing a new paradigm combining quantitative and qualitative measures of speech and attitudes to language. After her PhD, she worked on a Speech Science project at UCL, funded by the Medical Research Council. Her input on that project was to look at the linguistic causes of stuttering in children. With her project team, she published two peer-reviewed articles and a chapter in a book, as well as two well-received papers in the proceedings of key international conferences.

Karima then decided to work in the Adult Education sector setting up and leading two successful and sustainable section 11 projects (funded by the Home Office) for the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, one on black unemployment and one on English as an Additional Language for refugee parents and their children in schools. She carried out professional research and wrote reports to the Home Office, evaluating the success and sustainability of these projects. After a phase in Further Education in Birmingham, during which she wrote a key Race Equality policy with accompanying implementation plans, she returned to academic research and scholarship in 2006.

Karima was a successful learning and teaching co-ordinator for the University of Worcester’s Institute of Education between 2009-2013 and initiated a major student-led project on inclusion, using Appreciative Inquiry as a research methodology, co-authoring with students and supporting them to deliver successful conference papers, workshops and staff development. In June 2013, she co-organised the University’s annual Learning and Teaching Conference of June 2013. After a successful bid for funding, Karima led the Post Compulsory team in developing the new CET and DET programmes for delivery from September 2013. The PCET provision that she successfully led in partnership with Halesowen College and Bournville College between Sept.2007-Jan.2015 obtained a grade 2 with outstanding features by Ofsted in 2014. Also focusing on the post-compulsory sector, she carried out funded research with colleagues from other universities in the region on blended learning and on mentoring. A major contribution from Karima has also been the introduction of the popular annual LLQT (Lifelong Learning Qualifications for Teachers) conference in November 2014. She is currently keen on researching on the topic of HE in FE and, with Professor Geoffrey Elliott,  has co-edited the special double issue of the RPCE journal ‘Appraising and Reconfiguring HE in FE through Research and Critical Perspectives’, March-June 2016, Nos1-2.

Karima has served on several committees including national committees (such as UCET) and regional forums such as the Post-92 Research Forum. A key research study/support group that she set up for her university between 2007-2010 is ‘Learning Together about Research’ (or LTaR) that she chaired. It met three times a year and supported both staff and student researchers, from PhD onwards, including preparation for vivas, presentations of research papers and discussions of issues of research relating to ethics, methods, methodologies etc.. Other external roles include external examining of the PGCE in FE ITT at Birmingham City University 2010-13 and course scrutiny/validation roles, as well as PhD examining.

The rich and diverse current course portfolio of Karima’s activity at the university is a reflection of her love, dedication and enthusiasm for learning and teaching. She teaches teachers of ESOL/English at level 5, undergraduate Education Studies students at level 5 and level 6 and leads a key mandatory module ‘Research Methods’ for postgraduate study at level 7.  She is also passionate about supporting PGCE Secondary students and leads the EAL pathway on the course, as well as supports the academic skills of PGCE students.  She also enjoys supervising Masters dissertations and PhD theses.    


BA (First) English Language Teaching

MA Modern English Language & Linguistics

PhD Linguistics

PGCert Learning and Teaching in HE - Distinction

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching Specialisms

ESOL, Literacy, Teacher education, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, TESOL, EAL, Post-graduate research methods, Equality and Diversity in Education

Research Specialisms

Linguistics (especially Sociolinguistics), Critical Pedagogy (especially the Sociology of Education), Learning and Teaching, Second Language Acquisition, Equality and Diversity, Employability, Inclusion

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

NIACE (National Institute for Adult Continuing Education) - Member and National Trainer for Adult ESOL Citizenship T&L materials (2004-2005) - 1990-2006

C-SAP (HEA’s Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics) - Member of 2 T&L research groups - 2006-2009

UCET (Universities Council for the Education of Teachers) - Post-16 Committee member - 2008-2014

WMTLC (West Midlands Teaching and Learning Consortium) – Founding member -2011-2013

LTaR (University of Worcester Learning Together about Research) - Chair - 2007-2010

LTSEC (University of Worcester Learning and Teaching and Student Experience Committee) - Institute of Education representative - 2009-2013

University of Worcester Institute of Education Learning and Teaching sub-committee - Learning and Teaching co-ordinator for IoE - 2009-2013

Institute Board for University of Worcester Institute of Education - L&T co-ordinator and representative on University of Worcester LTSEC - 2009-2013

University of Worcester Institute of Education Research and Knowledge Transfer sub-committee – Centre for Leadership, Management and Post-compulsory Representative and scrutinizer of RDB1/Ethics applications – 2007-2009

HEA (Higher Education Academy) - Fellow - 2009-present

IASK (International Association for Scientific Knowledge) - Committee member and peer reviewer - 2009-present

WMCETT (West Midlands Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training) - Member of WMCETT-2007-present

Post-92 Research Forum – Founding Member - 2011-present

University of Worcester Diversity and Equality committee – 2012-present.



Chapter in a book:

Howell, P., Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Young, K. (1992) Phrase revisions in fluent and stuttering children. In Peters, H., Hulstijn, W. and Starkweather, W. (eds.) Speech motor dynamics in stuttering. Vol. 2.

Article in a journal:

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Elliott, G. (2016). Appraising and reconfiguring HE in FE through research and critical perspectives. Research in Post-Compulsory Education. Vol. 22, Issue 1

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Keenan, J. (2016).  Finding the ‘A-ha’ moment.   Research in Post-Compulsory Education. Vol. 22, Issue 1

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Keenan, J. (2015). Singing better songs? A life history study of higher education teacher educators working in the English further education sector. Power and Education. Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp.338-354

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2013) Black at Higher Education, Universal Journal of Educational Research, 1(2). pp. 83-92.

Kadi-Hanifi, K., Dagman, O. Peters, J., Snell, E., Tutton, C. and Wright, T. (2013) Engaging students and staff with educational development through Appreciative Inquiry, Innovations in Education and Teaching International. DOI: 10.1080/14703297.2013.796719 (Online).

Price, F. and Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2011) E-motivation! The Role of Popular Technology in Student Motivation and Retention. Research in Post-Compulsory Education , 16 (2). pp. 173-187.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2010) Teachers as Theorists. International Journal of Learning and Change, 4 (3). pp. 206-216. ISSN 1740-2875 (Print) 1740-2883 (Online).

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2009) Why is it Necessary to Keep Thinking About Learning as Teachers? Proceedings of the International Association for the Scientific Knowledge (IASK) Conference 2009 . pp. 464-473. ISSN 978-972-95806-5-7.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2009) Using Critical Pedagogies From Adult Education to Inspire and Challenge Higher Education Students. Learning and Teaching : The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences (LATISS), 2 (1). pp. 80-103. ISSN 1755-2273.

Howell, P. and Kadi-Hanifi, K. (1992) Comparison of prosodic properties between read and spontaneous speech material. Speech Communication. 10, pp. 163-169.

Conference paper (publications in proceedings indicated):

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Keenan, J. (July 2014) The self-concept of HE in FE teachers. ARPCE inaugural conference. Oxford

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (Dec. 2012) Doing Appreciative Inquiry student-led research – Report of a success story from the University of Worcester.  North Cyprus First International Congress for Educational Research.  Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (July 2012) Sharing good practice for developing research communities – the case of LTaR.  Postgraduate Research conference and launch of post-92 Research forum. Birmingham City University,  Birmingham, UK.

Keenan, J. and Kadi-Hanifi, K. (July 2012) Visual note-taking – an innovative tool for blended learning in Post-compulsory ITT. West Midlands L&T Consortium with Black Country Partnership for Learning, West Bromwich, Birmingham, UK.

Kadi-Hanifi, K., Peters, J., Snell, E., Tutton, C. and Wright, T. (May 2012) The student voice in staff development through student-led Appreciative Inquiry for Inclusion. SEDA spring Teaching, Learning and Assessment conference 2012 – The student journey. Queen Hotel, Chester, UK.

Kadi-Hanifi, K., Peters, J., Snell, E. and Tutton, C. (June 2012) Student-led Appreciative Inquiry for Inclusion. University of Worcester Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. University of Worcester, Worcester, UK

Kadi Kanifi, K., Jordan, A. and Watson, R. (April 2011) An Investigation into the skills and attributes of trainee teachers in relation to their world of work. Third Annual ESCalate Student Conference ‘Employability and Enterprise in Education’. Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK.

Kadi Kanifi, K and Jordan, A. (Jan 2011) An Initial Evaluation into the confidence, skills and attitudes of trainee teachers in relation to employability. University of Worcester Third Annual Employability and PDP conference. University of Worcester, Worcester, UK.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (Dec 2009) Why is it essential to keep thinking about learning as teachers, Proceedings of IASK Teaching and Learning 09. Porto, Portugal. Proceedings URL: Why is it Necessary to Keep Thinking About Learning as Teachers?

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (Dec 2007) The creative knowledge of ESOL teachers. C-SAP Conference ‘Critical Pedagogy week-end’. Burlington Hotel, Birmingham, UK.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (March 2007) A Method for Challenging and Inspiring Students. C-SAP Conference ‘Teaching Race’. St Francis College of HE, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Howell, P., Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Young, K. (1992) Prosody in revision of adult and child fluent and stuttering speakers. Proceedings of International Conference of Phonetic Sciences. Aix en Provence, France.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (1992) Study of non-standard speech in Sheffield. Sociolinguistics Symposium 9. University of Reading, UK.

Howell, P., Johnson, M., Kadi-Hanifi, K., Bark, P., Hanke, P., Bonnett, C. and Wingfield, T. (1989). Databases incorporating spontaneous speech from fluent and dysfluent speakers. In L. Pols (ed.) Proceedings of ESCA Conference on Speech Input/Output Databases. pp. 2.12.1-2.12.4. ESCA, Holland..

Other research and reports:

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2014). (Consultant and reviewer of research project protocol) Voices: the value of a 6-month clinical evaluation in stroke. The protocol for a planned qualitative study to ascertain the value of stroke follow-up to people affected by stroke. Jenkins, C. and Price, F. British Medical Journal, Open, 2014:4e006384.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (1982). A linguistic survey of word-final velar nasal (ng) in the Sheffield dialect of English. MA dissertation. University of Sheffield.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. (1989). A study of some phonological variables in Sheffield English and of speaker attitudes to non-standard forms. PhD thesis. University of Sheffield.

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Judge and panellist for the ‘Educate the North Awards’, Telegraph media group (2015)

External panellist for the validation of FE Teacher Education provision (levels 5 and 6) ITT and CPD Literacy/ESOL – De Montfort University, Leicester College (2015)

External panellist for the validation of BA Educational Studies pathways at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cyncoed Campus (2013)

External Examiner of PGCE in Post-compulsory Education at Birmingham Central University (2010-13)