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Dr Geoffery Z. Kohe

Senior Lecturer in Sport Studies (Sociology)

Institute of Sport & Exercise Science

Contact Details


tel: 01905 855590

Originally from New Zealand, Dr Geoffery Kohe joined the University of Worcester in September 2010. His research strengths traverse the socio-cultural, historical, and political aspects of the Olympic movement, national identity and public memory, moral pedagogy, politicizations of the body, sport tourism and museums, and historiography.


  • PhD, University of Otago, New Zealand (2010)
  • BPhED Hons (First Class – Professional Studies), University of Otago, New Zealand, (2006)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Dr Kohe’s research projects have included examinations of sport organisational politics and sports workers' welfare, critique of sport organisations' education programmes, analyses of sport museums, public apologies and digital history, interdisciplinary examinations of performing bodies, and the centennial history of the Olympic movement in New Zealand (funded by the New Zealand Olympic Committee).

His current research focuses on:

  • Critiques of Olympic education and participation legacies
  • Clauses & a/effects of athlete contracts   
  • The Football Pools and Government
  • (dis)Ability and the body
  • Sporting nationalism and digital spaces.

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Dr Kohe works alongside colleagues as part of the Sociocultural studies of Sport, Exercise & the Body Research Interest Group     

As part of his work within this group he has been an invited participant at the conjoint University of Bath & University of Sao Paulo ‘Sport & Social Transformation: Sport development and sport mega events’ Researcher Links Workshop (funded by the British Research Council, Newton Fund and Brazilian Federal Research Council), and, featured in local, regional and national BBC broadcasts on the London 2012 Olympic Games and related Olympic education and participation legacies.

Dr Kohe’s teaching interests are closely related to his research background and current projects. He primarily teaches on modules within the Sports Studies pathway. These modules include introduction to the socio-cultural aspects of sport, sociology of sport, research methods, global and Olympic sport, and, contemporary issues in sport modules. He currently supervises students at the undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels.     

Dr Kohe is happy to supervise post-graduate students in any of his teaching and research areas, or, related topics. Please feel free to contact him for an informal discussion should you be interested in post-graduate supervision within the Sociocultural, political and historical aspects of sport, physical education and leisure.   


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Current PhD Students: 

Director of Studies:  

Verity Postlethwaite, PhD Candidate. Project title: A quest to inspire a generation(?): An historical, policy evaluation and educational-based critique of Olympic legacies in the post London 2012 era.


Christopher Russell (PhD). Project: The roles of Leisure Centres in the lives of people living with Dementia. In collaboration with the UW Association for Dementia Studies.

Rebecca Oakley (PhD). Project: Sport, Reminiscence and Dementia. In collaboration with the UW Association for Dementia Studies.

Kerry Whitehouse (EdD). Project: Reflection of risk taking in the context of a Physical Education Teacher Training programme.

PhD & Post-Graduate Completions:  

Christopher Faulkner (PhD). Project: Basketball players’ migratory experiences and the implications for transnational labour migration

Joanne Baker (MRes). Project: An exploration for the drive for muscularity in Males

Jirí Veselý (MSc). Project: The development of a coach’s community of practice within the context of elite artistic gymnastics

Gill Renfree (MSc): Project: Rhetoric and realities of top down governance within the grass root athletic community

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Dr Kohe is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is the Review Editor for the journal Sport in Society. He is also the Director of the National Basketball Heritage Archive and Study Centre  He is a member of the International Sociology of Sport Association, the International Olympic Academy Participants Association, and an International (External) Collaborator with the Centre for Olympic Studies, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain.

Dr Kohe also serves on the UW International Student Experience Committee and the ISES International Advisory board. He is also jointly responsible for facilitating international exchange opportunities. He also serves on the ISES Learning and Teaching Committee.  



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Book Chapters:

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Conference Proceedings:

Kohe, G. (2009). Promoting Olympic Values: Lesson’s from the Bird’s Nest. Official Conference Proceedings, 13th Olympic Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 – 9 October. Lausanne, Switzerland, International Olympic Committee.

Kohe, G. (2009). ‘What’s Olympism?, I’m only here to compete’: Forging better relations between athletes, National Olympic Committees and Academies. Official Conference Proceedings, 13th Olympic Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 – 9 October. Lausanne, Switzerland, International Olympic Committee.

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