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Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones

Sessional Lecturer in Leadership

Worcester Business School

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tel: 01905 542444

Fiona is a Business Psychologist and Organisational Development specialist with more than 20 years’ international consultancy experience. With a PhD in Authentic Leadership she is passionate about facilitating individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their full potential and become their ‘best selves’. Fiona is the consulting psychologist for the 2014 ultra-endurance marathon, the Spine Race, and the 2015 Ice Race to the geographic North Pole.


PhD Authentic Leadership

Post-graduate Certificate in Research Methods

BA (hons) Psychology (with Philosophy)

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate

Certificate in Executive Coaching

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Authentic Leadership
Leadership Development
Developing Authenticity
Personal Development and Continuing Professional Development
Executive Coaching
Coaching and Mentoring
The Manager as Coach
Leaderless Teams
Group and Team Dynamics
Cognitive Team Roles
Thinking styles and Cognitive Style Preference
Change Management
Human Resource Management
Employee Engagement
Train the Trainer
Accelerated Learning
Developing Cognitive Fitness
Cognitive Gap Analysis
Decision Making
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Specialist Research Areas

Authentic Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development, Authenticity, Thinking Styles (Cognitive Style preference), Cognitive Fitness

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Institute of Directors, (IoD)

British Psychological Society, (BPS)

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD)

Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, (FRSA)

Institute of Business Ethics, (IBE)

Founder Member of the Association of Business Psychologists, (ABP)

Chartered Institute of Arbitration, (CIArb)



Publications et al.

(List of Public Outputs: Awards; Publications; Presentations and Poster Presentations. Available at

January 2013, Student Excellence Award for Research (on the subject of Authentic Leadership), British Psychological Society, (BPS), Division of Occupational Psychology, (DOP).

July 2003, Shortlisted for the Ian Beardwell Award at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD), Professional Standards Conference for the research article, ‘The benefits and value of metacognitive awareness in the workplace: developing the ‘thinking performer’

Publications (Papers):
Beddoes-Jones, F. (2013) Authentic Leadership: The Courage to Lead (part II) Business Compliance, (3) pp. 46-53.

Beddoes-Jones, F. (2013) Authentic Leadership: The Courage to Lead (part I) Business Compliance, (2) pp. 16-22.

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2005 Fenman Train the Trainer Series:
Train the Trainer (basic)
Train the Trainer (Advanced)
What Kind of a Trainer Are You?
Levels of Learning
Team Theory and Group Dynamics
How Thinking Styles Affect Learning
Thinking Through Co-Training
Creating the Physical Environment for Training
Evaluating Training

Beddoes-Jones, F. (2005) Belbin’s Team Roles and Cognitive Team Roles: A Study of ‘Two Perspectives’? UK HRD online Journal.

Beddoes-Jones, F. & Miller, J. (2004) The Psychology of Teams. Training Journal, April, pp. 16-19.

Beddoes-Jones, F. (2003) Professional Standards Research: Cognitive Styles – Developing the Thinking Performer. People Management, July, p. 34.

Publications (Books):
Beddoes-Jones, F. (1999) Thinking Styles - Relationship Strategies That Work! BJA Associates Ltd. London:UK.

April 2104 Authentic Leadership. Masterclass at Bournemouth University.

November 2013 Cognitive Fitness. The Spine Race 2014 Competitor Training Event.

November 2013 Authentic Leadership. New Frontiers in Psychometrics Seminar, The Psychometrics Forum, London, UK.

November 2013 Authentic Leadership. West Yorkshire CIPD Branch Event.

October 2013 Authentic Leadership. Staffordshire and Telford NHS Leadership Conference.

September 2013 Divided by Gender, United by Chocolate? The Inaugural Lecture of Bournemouth University’s Academic Women’s Network.

July 2013 Authentic Leadership. West Midlands NHS Trust Leadership Conference.

February 2013 Authentic Leadership. Institute of Leadership Conference.

February 2013 Authentic Leadership. Huddersfield University Business School, presentation to staff & MBA students.

February 2013 Authentic Leadership. Keynote Speaker, Coaching Innovations NHS Leadership Conference.

November 2012 Creating a Coaching Culture: Speed Coaching. Lincolnshire CIPD Branch Event

June 2012 The Psychology of a Consultant. Imperial College, presentation to staff & MBA students.

Dec 2011 The Manifestation of Authentic Leadership Within the RAF. 10th International Studying Leadership Conference.

Dec 2011 Authentic Leadership: The Courage to Lead. A Case Study from Airbus. 10th International Studying Leadership Conference.

September 2011 Authentic Leadership: The Courage to Lead. Keynote & Conference Chair. Authentic Leadership and Business Ethics Conference, London. The Cognitive Fitness Consultancy Ltd.

April 2011 Authentic Leadership. CIPD Branch Event – Aberdeen

April 2011 Authentic Leadership. Institute of Directors & Aberdeen Business Club Branch Event - Aberdeen

March 2011 Authentic Leadership. RAF Leadership Conference.

Dec 2009 The Manifestation of Authentic Leadership Within the RAF. 8th International Studying Leadership Conference.

2008 Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Using Thinking Styles. Association for Coaching Conference.

Dec 2007 Authentic Leadership: A Critical Leadership Praxis? 6th International Studying Leadership Conference.

Jan 2007 Developing The Thinking Performer. CIPD Lincolnshire Branch Event.

Dec 2006 Short-term Cognitive Coaching Interventions. Special Group in Coaching Psychology Conference.

2006 The Socio-Cognitive Dynamics of Groups. Keynote. The University of Westminster Annual Conference.

2006 Virtual Mentoring: Can the principle of ‘Cognitive Pairing’ increase its effectiveness? Oxford Brooks Coaching Conference.

2002 The design and development of a new psychometric instrument. 10th International Conference on Thinking.

2002 An evaluation of the thinking preferences of Engineers to assist in their personal and professional development. 4th International Conference on Education.

Poster Presentations:
January 2013 Great Leadership: Turns out it’s not rocket science after all. British Psychological Society (BPS) Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) Conference.

June 2012 Authentic Leadership Northern Leadership Conference

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Managing Director and Principal Psychologist, The Cognitive Fitness Consultancy Ltd

Member of BP’s Global Leadership Faculty, within the Ethical Leadership function

Consulting Leadership specialist within the RAF (Cranwell)

Consulting Leadership specialist within HM Coastguard