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Developing your employability skills through your studies

All of our programmes aim to develop not just your knowledge and understanding of your subject area, but also your own personal attributes and skills to help you in your life beyond university. Each course will use the ‘Employable Worcester Graduate’ framework to run sessions related to careers and employability in your lectures and additional learning activities, and your academic tutor can also help you to plan and record your personal, learning and career development.

In addition to this, your course will seek to help you develop your employability and personal development in a range of different ways, according to the differing needs of your study or professional area. The following gives an idea about how different subject areas may approach this:

  • Geography and science courses offer careers and employability activities throughout the 3 years focussing on tutorial work to think about your skills and attributes, careers planning and moving on. In addition to this there are careers and employability mandatory modules in year 2 and 3 which includes sessions from employers and the careers service.
  • Students in the Business School study personal and professional development modules in their first and final years, which will include problem solving, creativity, data analysis, written and oral communication and presentation skills, and  awareness of employer’s needs. There is an optional business placement at year 3 and regular employability weeks with session by employer talks and session about finding work, making applications and attending assessment centres. .
  • Arts and Humanities students are encouraged to think about their transferable skills and future plans through activities such as class discussions, online quizzes, and academic tutor work. Real or live projects are integral to many programmes including Creative Digital Media, Drama, and Languages.
  • Professional courses such as Health and Education are underpinned by professional standards and include reflective portfolios across most programmes which relate theory to practice and support personal development.
  • Sports Students assess their skills and plan for future development through their tutorial scheme, with mandatory work placement modules for most programmes, and some course include professional sporta coaching qualifications in the first year to help students find work whilst studying.  

In addition, there are a number of applied work related or employability elements within many modules such as sports psychology, applied performance analysis, and sports therapy. and a Career and Personal Development  module which is open to all students on the undergraduate modular Scheme.