Design Students Point the Way for Residents

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University of Worcester graphic design students have been pointing the way for Upton-upon-Severn residents after creating new directional signage and information boards for the market town.

Town Councillor Mike Ostick approached the University after seeing similar successful work exhibited in Malvern, and the students began working on the project in February.

The initial designs recently went on display for a public consultation at Upton’s Memorial Hall, and, after positive feedback was received from residents, the Town Partnership will now make a final decision on which work should be used.

Cllr Ostick explains: “The Town Partnership, Town Council and Tourism and Trade Association have agreed a positive marketing strategy for our town.

“New branding styles, signposting and signage are a key part of this. I’ve been very impressed with the innovative and well presented ideas that have come forward, and many of these could be applied to our new marketing strategy.”

During the course of the project, the students maintained close links with Cllr Ostick – who was on-hand to offer feedback mid-way through the project – and they also visited London to analyse the capital’s ‘Legible London’ wayfinding system.

Second year student Megan Feeley says of her experiences: “At the start of this module I had a very basic understanding of information graphic design and wayfinding signage in general.

“The module has opened my eyes to this subject, and for me personally, signage will never go unnoticed again. I have found working on the module highly enjoyable and exciting, and I have formed an unexpected relationship with wayfinding and information design.

“I now think that signage is beautiful if designed well.”