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FITS programme

FITS into Practice - Developing Dementia Specialist Care Homes

ADS was commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Society to deliver the Focussed Intervention Training and Support (FITS) programme. The project was funded by the Alzheimer’s Society, the Department of Health and HC-One. It followed an initial trial which found the programme reduced the use of antipsychotics in care homes by 50%. These drugs are inappropriately prescribed to 144,000 people with dementia, and double the risk of death, treble the risk of stroke and can leave people unable to walk or talk.

This latest programme was to translate that initial trial into practice. 10 groups of Dementia Care Coaches were trained and supervised by a Dementia Practice Development coach (based at ADS) to implement person-centred care in their homes and reduce the inappropriate use of Anti-psychotic medications in their care homes. This approach was successful in reducing the use of anti-psychotics, improving person-centred approaches in care homes and improving the knowledge and confidence of staff in delivering person-centred care.

A copy of the programme report can be viewed and downloaded here and a copy of a Journal Article in Aging and Health can be viewed here. A copy of the press release issued by the Alzheimer's Society about the programme can be viewed and downloaded here. A project summary is also available.

New for 2016/17 - FITS (Focused Intervention Training and Support) programme

Advanced Practice in Delivering Person-Centred Dementia Care Module - Implementing the FITS into Practice (Focussed Intervention Training and Support) Programme in care homes and extra care housing for people with dementia, complex needs and distressed behaviour.

The University of Worcester is now running the first module to train professionals to deliver the FITS (Focused Intervention Training and Support) programme which is a proven way of effectively delivering psycho-social care in care homes and supported housing in response to complex needs and behaviours.

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