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Dementia Advisers Worcestershire

Worcestershire PCT, ADS, the Alzheimer’s Society and Health and Care NHS Trust were successful in their bid to host one of the National Demonstrator sites for the Dementia Advisers. Two advisers were appointed to work alongside the Worcestershire Early Intervention Dementia Service, as well as receiving referrals from Community Mental Health Trusts, the Alzheimer’s Society and self referrals. ADS were commissioned by Worcestershire County Council and NHS Worcestershire to evaluate the work of the Dementia Advisers involved in the Worcestershire Demonstrator Site. This evaluation study sought to deliver a robust assessment of the impact, experience and effectiveness of the work of the Dementia Adviser, as well as determining the skills, facilitators and barriers to the success of the role.

A multi-method approach was utilised which involved seeking the perspectives of the Dementia Advisers themselves, people who use their service and those who inform the development of the service or are influenced by their work. In addition, the perspectives and experience of a smaller group of people who had not received a Dementia Adviser service were sought to gain some insight into possible differences between their experiences and those who have received a service.

The Dementia Adviser Service has since been expanded to cover the whole of Worcestershire.