Cricket Coaching Students Receive Masterclass from England Coach

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University of Worcester Cricket Coaching and Management students were able to pick up tips and advice from England fielding coach Cookie Patel last month.

Mr Patel, one of the country’s foremost coaches and current Lead Fielding Coach of the England Senior Ladies Team and Derbyshire County Cricket Club, delivered a coaching masterclass for the first year BSc (Hons) Cricket Coaching and Management students at the University’s Sports Centre.

The students were introduced to a wide range of drills, with Mr Patel able to explain the theory behind his coaching methods.

He explained: “This is a great opportunity for me to share some of the experiences I’ve had over the last seven or eight years with the England women, with Northants in the professional men’s game and what I’m currently doing at Derbyshire.

“It’s great to be able to share the ideas, the drills and some of the challenges players face and how we go about dealing with them. The session is covering all aspects of coaching – how we go about coaching and making things progressive and player-friendly, so ultimately it allows them to improve their performance.”

The Cricket Coaching and Management degree aims to develop the students’ insights into cricket coaching, development and management through theoretical and practical experience, and it is something which Mr Patel believes will stand the English game in good stead.

“I think it (the course) is absolutely fantastic,” he continued. “If I’d known about this kind of thing when I was a lad, it would definitely have been something I would have aimed for.

“It’s a great example of the world of academia and the world of sport coming together; I’m currently studying for a Masters degree specifically related to fielding, so I can absolutely connect with this, it makes great sense.

“It gives these people a great opportunity not just to learn about cricket, but also to put something back into cricket, because ultimately they’ll end up working in the sport and will be able to offer a really valuable experience to those they work alongside, and contribute to the development of cricket across the country.”

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