Creativity and Entrepreneurship Proven by Worcester Business School Students during Induction Week

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First year Business and Computing students delivered creative and effective solutions to a fundraising brief for Acorns Children’s Hospice.

As part of their Induction Week programme, new University of Worcester Business School students were briefed to create a fundraising campaign for the University’s 2012 Charity of the Year – Acorns.

The judging panel, which selected the best campaign proposals, consisted of Carole Crowe, Acorns Community Fundraising Manager, Jorj Jarvie, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Acorns, and Tim Patrickson – Douglas Turner Trust and a Governor of the University.

Students were divided into groups as a way of familiarising them with academic life at Worcester and encouraging them to work together. They were allowed to plan a campaign with a budget of £500 to cover all costs and all actions had to be legal, ethical, tasteful and matching Acorns’ brand attributes.

Students also had the chance to participate in a number of quizzes related to Information and Learning Services and The Hive, the £60 million joint university and public library.

All of the prizes, which included a £25 Amazon voucher, were presented to the winners by Jorj Jarvie.

Forty nine entries were recorded for the Acorns project and were judged according to the requirements in the brief and the return on investment and brand adaptability.

A plan to serve 25 different dishes, and another to create 2.5km of 5p coins were only some of the ideas that the judging panel commended. All projects were themed under the 25th anniversary of the charity.

The winning project involved the development of a smartphone application, which donates 10p every single time the snooze button is pressed.

Loraine Butler, first-year IT for Education student, said: “It was good fun to do the task. We tried to keep it simple and effective. We met a few people and we learnt to work together quickly.”

Jorj Jarvie added: “The students had some really good commercial ideas. We hope to put some of them into good use to help us raise our annual target of £5 million.

“I would like to thank the University of Worcester for supporting Acorns in raising the donations that help so many children.”