Creative Digital Media Students' Work Goes on Display at The Hive

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Master’s students in Creative Digital Media will be exhibiting work as part of their Final Show at the Hive all this week.

The show, called ‘Metamorphosis’, will display students’ work from a wide range of disciplines, including film production, illustration, graphic design, printmaking and 3D animation.

Alongside the exhibits, a screening of the moving image work will take place in the Studio in the Hive on November 18, starting at 6.30pm.

MA Creative Digital Media Course Leader, David James, explains: “When the Master’s course was launched three years ago, the direction it would take was an unknown factor. The philosophy, however, was to dismantle the boundaries between disciplines and encourage debate and mutual support between practitioners in different arenas of practice.

“This was a bold and innovative approach, and judging by the experience and the final work of this year’s graduates, it has paid dividends.

“The students wanted to call the Final Show ‘Metamorphosis’ as they all felt that the course had been a life changing experience for them, and one that has enhanced their practice to levels well beyond their initial expectations.”

He adds: “The students’ creative and theoretical initiatives took on a momentum of their own. I was so impressed by the level of mutual support, development, debate and constructive criticism that the students generated by their own initiative. It has been the most stimulating and rewarding course that I have ever taught on.”

The work is being displayed until November 23.

The University of Worcester will be holding its next Open Event on November 30. For information and details on how to book your place, visit the Open Day pages.