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Christine Carter

Senior Lecturer - Association for Dementia Studies

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 542635

Christine is a Senior Lecturer at the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester having qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1989 in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and worked in a variety of mental health settings.

Clinical background

Christine worked as a Community Psychiatric Nurse for people over 65, this involved working directly with families and managing case work. Later in her career Christine job shared as a manager for a Mental Health Liaison Team in Gloucestershire Acute Trust, covering two acute hospitals working with people over 65 with mental health problems and/or dementia. This team won an award for their work with people diagnosed with dementia within the acute general hospitals in Gloucestershire.

Educational background

Christine moved into pre-registration nurse education as a lecturer in mental health nursing and older people and working at City University London, then later at University of the West of England, before joining the Association for Dementia Studies as a Senior Lecturer in September 2013. She is module lead for the MSc module for Admiral Nurses. Alongside Dementia UK she has led on the development of the refreshed Admiral Nurses Competency Framework.


  • Teaching Fellow (HEA awarded 2016)
  • PGDip in Teaching Adults in Higher Education, Greenwich University, London 2001
  • MSc Social Research Methods, South Bank University, London 1999
  • BSc(Hons) Health Studies, Sunderland University 1996
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse, Newcastle Upon Tyne School of Nursing 1989


Christine has been involved in developing and delivering a range of education and training. Alongside a colleague she has developed and is module leader for the level 7 module MSAP4110 ‘Working with people with dementia – applying the Admiral Nursing Competency Framework 2014/15’.She also contributed to the design and delivery of bespoke educational courses commissioned from Birmingham and Worcester Acute and Community services, City & Sandwell Acute Hospital Trust and has been involved in delivering intensive sessions for GPs within primary care settings.


Christine regularly delivers sessions on existing degree and post-grad University of Worcester courses. She leads on the student nurse Dementia Conference Day for ADS and teaches on both the Paramedic and Physician Associates training. With a background in mental health nursing in liaison and the community she is interested in mental health and psychological needs of people with dementia and their carers, case working and also in the well-being of staff working within this area.

Research and KnowledgeTransfer

Research and KnowledgeTransfer

Christine has been involved in a number of projects and educational developments. These include the RCN evaluation of the leadership program in Acute Hospitals;. This involved working closely with the RCN and visiting a range of hospitals to observe and interview nursing staff who had undertaken the leadership program and looked at impact and change. 

Christine led on an extensive project commissioned by Dementia UK: Refreshing the Admiral Nurse Competency Framework. The refreshed framework was launched in May 2016 and was followed by a series of facilitated workshops for Admiral Nurses to support their ongoing engagement with the refreshed competency framework in practice. The refreshed framework also was designed to be compatible with the IT program, Pebblepad. 

Christine works with health and social care staff from varied backgrounds who are involved in dementia care through the development of a range of creative teaching and learning initiatives, and along with colleagues she is committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice combined with the lived experience of dementia.




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Presentations and Posters


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